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LED Parking Lot Lights - What Do You Need To Ensure For Better Light Coverage?

led parking lot lights
led parking lot lights
led parking lot lights
led parking lot lights

LED parking lot lights are one of the most desired lighting fixtures when it comes to outdoor lighting. The reason behind this is the illumination requirement that is highly required in parking lot premises. Based on the requirement, ensuring the light coverage is a must so that the location can be sufficiently bright and the passing vehicles don’t struggle while finding the parking spot or the way out. Therefore, here are some important criteria that you need to ensure for better light coverage in your parking lot space.

Mounting options for LED parking lot lights

LED parking lot lights are supposed to be widely illuminating lights that can increase visibility in the parking lot premises during the night. To ensure visibility, one must focus on suitable parking lot lighting fixtures that can create a sense of security by allowing vehicles to see everything clearly. Doing so can benefit in several ways like - 

  • Reduce the chances of accidents.
  • Show path to the incoming and outgoing vehicles.
  • Maintain a vacant parking lot premise.

Although the need for LED parking lot lights is essential, considering the mounting type is necessary for the LED lighting fixtures. Some common parking lot lights are LED flood lights, LED corn bulbs, LED pole lights, LED post top lights, LED wall pack lights, etcetera. However, LED pole lights are one of the prominent lighting fixtures as LED parking lot lights in outdoor parking premises. These lights are available in several mounting options:

  • Yoke mount
  • Slip fitter mount
  • Universal mount

led pole lights

Pole height: LED parking lot light requirement

As the above mounting options indicate that the outdoor parking lot lighting fixtures are generally mounted on poles, you must ensure that you are looking for suitable lighting fixtures. These lights will reflect how the premises will look during the night. For instance, if the premise is narrow, then you can opt for a 14000-lumen power light. Simultaneously, if the parking premise is expansive, then a 42000-lumen power light will be required to brighten the location efficiently. However, this scenario applies directly to the pole’s height. A narrow premise will require a minimum of 10 feet high pole, and a maximum of 20 feet pole will be sufficient for a wide outdoor parking premise.

led parking lot lights

Moving forward, a pole’s height can be influenced by several other factors as well, including wattage, area dimension, light coverage etcetera. However, the following are the points that come in context with the choice of pole height for your parking lot premises:

  • Fixture requirement - This point is concerned with the wattage criteria. The pole’s height can influence the wattage requirement. If the pole is short-heighted, then you can opt for a low-wattage LED pole light, and if the pole is comparatively tall, the case will be vice-versa.
  • Light coverage - The coverage of the lights basically denotes the angle of light dispersion. The LED pole lights are ideal for dispersing illumination at a 150x85 degrees beam angle. With that, the light is appropriately dispersed in the brightest way possible.
  • Area dimension - Measuring the area prior to focusing on pole’s heigh is a must. This point can influence the way the premise will look. The wider the area, the long pole you will require to seek bright illumination. Thus, if the premise is wider, the height of the pole that you need to pick will situationally be taller.

What role do lumens play in illuminating parking lots?

Lumens play a vital role in illuminating the parking lots. As prominent LED parking lot lights, your pole light needs to vary in terms of lumens and wattages. It does not necessarily mean that you must opt for more lumen power LED pole lights for the outdoor parking premises. Instead, you can arrange the layout in a synchronized manner.

The lumens output of LED parking lot lights needs to be comparatively higher than regular outdoor lights as the brightness’s reach should be apt and accessible. Lumens are simply the brightness that an LED lighting fixture emits. Thus, ensuring the lumens, depending on your location, is a must.

Furthermore, the area of the location and lumen are interrelated. You need to be attentive while measuring the area as the fixture’s requirement depends on this phenomenon. For example, if you have an expansive parking lot, then you need to measure the area prior to installing LED parking lot lights. Make sure to place every alternate light after about 15-30 feet difference.

led pole lights

Adding to that, make sure you are estimating this difference according to your fixture’s lumens output. This is a key step that you need to ensure as the foot distance may vary depending on the lumens a fixture possesses. For instance, if the fixture contains about 14000 to 20000 lumen, then you can set your fixture layout at every 15-20 feet. Simultaneously, if the lumens output exceeds 21000 to 42000 lumens, then prefer the placement of LED pole lights after every 25-30 feet distance. Doing so will help you increase visibility in the parking lot and eliminate the chances of creating blind spots or dominant corners.

A brief on LED lights

LED lights are practically an efficient lighting alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures. Applicable in both commercial and residential locations, you can consider opting for LED lights over CFLs. The best thing about opting for LED lights for your location is that they are pretty efficient. With impressive features like wattage replacement, beam angle illumination, long lifespan, apt CTT, etcetera, LED lighting fixtures can serve their purpose with a hint of efficiency.     Thus, with sufficient features, you can pick the most suitable light for your indoor and outdoor.

Some common LED lights

Indoor lights - LED integrated tube lights, LED flush mount lights, LED flat panels, LED wall sconce, etcetera.

Outdoor lights - LED flood lights, wall pack lights, pole lights, canopy lights, post top lights, bollard lights, etcetera.

Decorative lights - LED flush mount lights, pendant lights, wall sconce, vanity mirrors, etcetera.

Commercial lights - High bay LED lights, corn bulbs, yard lights, etcetera.

Thus, these are some commonly used LED lighting fixtures that are applicable for your indoor, outdoor, commercial, and residential locations. So, ensure the light’s requirements and choose the suitable LED lights for your location.

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