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LED Pole Light - A Commercial Way of Efficient Cost Cutting

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

We have seen commercial and industrial units get confused while choosing the right area lighting solution for their outdoor applications, especially LED pole lights. The reason seems legit -- while we see thousands of lighting options available in the market, it makes the decision tough.

While we see the statistics of continuous growth of LED lights, LED street light takes the majority of the share with respect to high-end commercial lights.

Businesses like you are looking for lights that help in efficient cost-cutting on utility bills. Saving money doesn’t mean the business should spend less but it's simply meant to achieve the same or a better result of any particular operation.

One of such points to consider is the lighting. This article is solely directed to business units having a parking area or already using HID Pole lights.

Lately, businesses have been moving towards energy efficiency and LED lighting is slowly penetrating into the landscape. We all know that we can’t stay without lighting.

We at LEDMyplace spend most of the time helping our customers with the best light they could get. Our LED pole lights & LED solar street lights play a major role in solving those issues.

According to the research by, Industrial and commercial LED lighting market size was estimated at USD 21.53 billion in 2014 and is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period.

It significantly means that the businesses out there are already moving into LED Lighting technology. If you haven’t then you must do it today.

You might consider why commercial LED pole lights?

In this blog posts, you will see the common questions mentioned below about LED pole Lights that our customers ask with their answers.

  • How better are LED pole lights than HID fixtures?
  • Do LED lights cover enough area with its lumen output?
  • Why LED & LED Solar street lights are more expensive than traditional lighting fixtures?
  • Can LED pole lights be dimmed?

LED Pole Lights

How better are LED pole lights than HID fixtures?

We often receive this question, LED pole lights consume far fewer Watts than their HID equivalents– so they use a lot less energy. But does this mean they’re not as bright?

Usually, people think the more the watt, the brighter the light is. It’s important to keep in mind that brightness is measured in Lumens and not in Watts.

You can get the same amount of brightness from an LED pole lights as an HID or MH lights, even if the wattage is significantly low.

While replacing your Halogen lights with LED Pole Lights, always check the lumen. LED Lighting fixtures give out equal or more lumens than HID fixtures.

For Example:

Fixture Type



LED Pole Lights



HID Fixtures



Even with the low wattage consumption, LED Pole light give out more lumens. Saving for one above mentioned fixture is 250W.

Imagine if you replace all the HID fixtures to LED in your commercial unit.

Do LED lights cover enough area with its lumen output?

Whether you’re lighting-up a car park, a garage or your back garden, LED Pole lights are guaranteed to give you a wide beam angle that offers greater and more efficient coverage for better security.

LED Pole Light comes with a beam angle of 120 - 150 degrees -- which is higher than any other conventional would provide.

High lumen output and wide beam angle are the only two factors required to judge if the lighting fixture would illuminate an outdoor area.

Why LED & solar street lights are less expensive than traditional lighting fixtures?

If you use one incandescent bulb 5 hours a day for two years, it will cost you around $32 (depending on your energy rates). Most of that money is spent on electricity. If you run a single LED bulb 5 hours a day for two years, it will cost you $12. But – $9 of that is just for the bulb.

Imagine how much you would be saving on LED Pole Lights and especially solar LED street lights to save 100% of your energy.

LED light is new and innovative, the infrastructure of the fixture uses components that expensive. Since 2008, the prices for LED lights at any store has dropped more than 90%. Since 2016, the average customer could purchase a 60-watt LED bulb for their home for $3 or less.

LED might seem expensive at first but in the long run, it’s worth the investment.

Can LED pole lights be dimmed?

If you are looking for a dimmable LED Pole light, first make sure you check the product specification for a dimmable feature.

If the technical aspect needed to dim an LED Pole lights has not been built into the fixture, then you won’t be able to dim it even with a dimmer.

What options do you have at LEDMyplace?

LEDMyplace holds a diverse variety of LED Pole lights & LED solar street lights. Our category has more than ten wattage options available with photocell & motion sensors. In the same way, our commercial solar led parking lot lights comes in 20W, 40W & 60W LED solar street lights.

The choice is yours!


Even U.S. Department of energy clears states that the LED Pole light is mercury free and it plays a major role in achieving eco-friendly lighting in commercial spaces. While we see many businesses are operating their pole lights with HID lights, we also see many are rapidly moving towards LED lighting and making a difference for their business and society. is a one-stop online shop for all the LED lighting solution. While we are really proud of helping our customers find the best LED lights in the market, we also make it important to support our customers to understand lighting technology and help them make self-decision.

Are you already using LED pole lights? Let’s take the discussion to the comments section below.

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