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LED Pole Light Guide to Property Owners

LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights

For many years, commercial, industrial and institutional properties have relied on outdated technology for their parking lot lighting, leading to inflated costs and spotty performance.

The traditional method for lighting parking lots has been with high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. While powerful and less expensive to install, they cannot match modern lighting technology in reliability, durability and efficiency. And for an increasing number of property owners, the preferred form of modern lighting is LED.

The once who are looking for pole lights or parking lot lights are constantly choosing LED lights to light up their large outdoor space. There comes a lot of consideration while choosing the LED pole light.

They ask us a lot of questions to ensure what they are buying is the best. We love to help here and provide the best possible solutions for their queries. 

A lot of times, we recommend commercial units to go ahead with LED Pole lights. Why?

A constant frustration with property owners is having to switch out failing HID lamps

LED Pole Lights

While we are LED only company, we deal with hundreds of lighting products that are designed and tested to make them the best option for our customers.

LED technology has almost captured the lighting market around the globe, US Energy Department states that “LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United States.”

Commercial units require lighting at a large scale, with that amount of energy and investment, it’s almost impossible to compromise while selecting the right LED pole lights.

We have personally seen many still go out buy Metal Halide lighting fixtures due to the lower initial cost but we have seen them suffer paying lighting bills in the long run.

A calculation that a property owner must make

Let us show you how LEDs save money with the example of LED Pole lights, a 400W Metal Halide light give out lower lumen output, that is, less bright than a 150W Pole lights.

Lately, we have helped manufacturing unit with a pole height of 22ft. change their 35 of their 400W Metal Halide fixtures with 150W LED Pole Lights.

Mathematically, the LED Pole lights saved them 8750 Watts of energy, which in the long run would save them a lot of money and energy, around saving of $300 per fixture per year

Mounting options of LED Pole Lights Being a part of LED commercial lighting category, LED pole lights can be easily installed on any pole. At LEDMyplace, we hold pole lights that are suitable for any mounting options as follows: Direct Mount, Yoke Mount, Slip Fitter & Universal Mount.


Commercial LED pole lights are trending, it’s one of our best selling category at LEDMyplace. We have a very clear objective to help businesses save efficiently on lighting and streamline their cost-cutting strategy without affecting productivity and operational efficiency.

It is very important to understand the lighting area and what you need for the best lighting solution. A mindset to buy LED lights is way more different than buying

Metal halide lighting fixtures.

Have you moved your lighting from HID to LEDs already or looking forward to changing? Let us know in the comments.

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