LED Pole Lights, a lot more than simple lights

LED Pole Lights

Did you know earlier street lights were used by Greek and Roman civilization to protect the wanderer from tripping and keeping robbers at bay? Later on, many changes were introduced, like gas lamps, arc lamps, and incandescent lamps.

Many stories are written around these lights. Legends and historical personalities learned some hard lessons of life under  pole lights. Hey, I am not taking you on any philosophical journey as in contemporary times, newly invented LED pole lights are part of a modern township. No city plan or industrial layout is complete without pole lights. If you are an architect or a veteran civil engineer, looking for some highly sophisticated street lights, then who knows this blog might provide some useful information, so, read it word for word.  

The market is inundated with myriad led pole lights, and each design caters the specific need. Like, where garden pole light is fit for gardens and walkways, Yard light is suitable for barns. There are many types of pole lights, we can’t cover all of them, elucidating a few.    

300 watts LED pole light with photocell

These lights are perfect for parks, boulevard, and walkways. If we talk about technical features, use of polycarbonate, rugged die-cast aluminum, and Teflon make them fit to brave the worst climatic conditions.

LED Pole Lights

LED Post Top Garden Light

90-degree beam angle facilitates adequate safety during night hours. Besides the rugged aluminum body, the IP65 rating makes it immune against bad dust and moisture.  

LED Yard Light

LED Yard Light

Yard lights are suitable for barns, yards and rural street. LED yard light consumes 25 watts to produce 2200 lumens. Impact resistant lens, built-in photocell, and 50000 hours lifespan make them dependable lighting fixture.

Other superior features

Excellent heat sinking helps in removing the heat

When we talk about LED pole lights, we should always know, they are almost maintenance free.

Some of pole lights models are dimmable, that means you can adjust light’s intensity quite easily.  


After reading this blog, what comes to your mind? Hope this blog will take your knowledge about pole lights one step ahead. In case you have any query about pole lights, you can talk to our customer care executives for a satisfactory answer. 

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