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300 Watts LED Pole Lights Are Part Of Modern Townships & Cities

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

Modern infrastructure is dotted with the best of facilities. People living in these cities and townships need not travel for recreational activities, sustaining this thought, dedicated Volleyball and Tennis court are built around them. Not to mention, during day time, the sun illuminates courts and at night, 300 watt LED Pole Light.

Now let us understand the superior features of 300 watt LED Lights. 

  • These lights are built with a die-cast aluminum that can withstand any impact. Not to mention, appealing powder coating imparts richness to lights design.
  • These lights have more than 50000 hours lifespan. Besides this, lights intersperses soothing light which doesn’t irritate eyes.
  • When builders install LED Pole lights, they don’t have to break the bank to bear the maintenance cost.
  • LED Pole lights are compatible with photocell. Lights don’t flicker, flawless light on the ground saves you from many pitfalls. 
  • You don’t have to do drilling and cutting to install 300-watt pole lights.
  • LED pole light head is made of aluminum, this metal cap not only saves fixture from dust but also act as a heat sink.

Outstanding qualities of LED Pole Lights.

These lights are weather resistant.

Lights have got UL, DLC, CE and ROHS certification. 

Illumination uniformity and color rendering make lights perfect to illuminate ergonomically designed stadiums and entertainment plazas.

These fixtures do not have poisonous chemicals viz. Mercury, Cadmium, and Arsenic.

300 watt LED Pole lights have become indispensable for modern townships. In the present time, you can easily see these fixtures outside stadiums, tennis courts, and school playgrounds.

led pole lights

These lights are better than other lighting fixture.

LED pole lights have 25 times more life than an ordinary street light. And that’s not all, there is a gamut of features that prove its worth, like…

  • LED parking lot pole light luminance gives it edge over fluorescent lights.
  • LED pole also comes with advance sensors, so when it is day time, these lights automatically switch off. 

Artificial lighting has harmful effect on humans and animals. Studies show LED pole lights attract fewer insects in comparison to other light sources.

Can you use the same knife for cutting as well as peeling? Obviously no. Besides 300-watt pole lights, there are other types of pole lights too. Let us have a glimpse of other pole light fixtures. 

LED Post Top Garden Light

90-degree beam angle facilitates adequate safety during night hours. Besides the rugged aluminum body, the IP65 rating makes it immune against bad dust and moisture.  

LED Yard Light

Yard lights are suitable for barns, yards and rural street. LED yard light consumes 25 watts to produce 2200 lumen. Impact-resistant lens, built-in photocell, and 50000 hours lifespan make them dependable lighting fixture. 

Dusk to Dawn

Among a variety of pole lights, Dusk to Dawn has its own place. As the sun says goodbye to the earth, these lights illuminate the surroundings. LED lights are apt for the industrial and commercial area.


Here we have elucidated 300 watt LED Pole light, if you have any query related to this light you can talk to our customer care executive. Pole lights are available in various other models, to know more about other pole lighting fixtures visit LEDMyplace.

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