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LED Pole Lights Guide Vehicles And Facilitate Security

LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights

At night when vehicles travel at fast speed and things are not clearly visible, in such moments, LED pole lights illuminate roads and pathways. These lights also play a pivotal role in maintaining security. How else these lights contribute, check here?

Night Shelters are easily spotted because of LED Pole Lights

Pole lights are installed near night shelters so that people can easily spot them. There is no doubt these lights make movement easy.

Roads become visible for commuters

Serpentine roads are dotted with trees, sometimes fast moving heavy vehicles are not able to spot trees on the edge, LED lights to help in spotting the vehicles.

In the evening time parks seem safe because of pole lights

When an array of LED Pole lights illuminate in the parks, they not only disperse darkness but also instill security in minds. Evening joggers find parks safe, thanks to LED Pole lights.

led pole lights

Types of LED Pole Lights

  • Yard light
  • Slip Fitter Mount
  • Direct Mount
  • Yoke Mount

How are these lights better than conventional lights?

These lights are better than conventional lights in many ways.

  • LED Pole lights are energy friendly. When you install these lights, you save a good amount of energy.
  • These lights are weather resistant. When you install these lights near walkways and bridges, there is no need to worry about bad weather conditions. LED pole lights can easily brave worst weather.
  • Researchers have found these lights attract fewer insects in comparison to conventional light fixtures.

Other Superior Features of these lights

These lights are UL/DLC certified.

They can brave worst weather because they are IP65 rated.

Also known as shoebox lights, they consume 80% less energy.

Conclusion: We should not take simple things in a simple way. Like LED Pole Lights might appear simple fixture, but the truth is, without these lights we can’t imagine safe parks, secure bus stations, and walkways.

If you are a civil engineer and want to know more state-of-the-art lights, then, you can talk to our customer care executive. We assure you, executives appointed by us are thorough professionals and they know their job like a back of their hand.   

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