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LED Pole lights Illuminate Gardens and Streets

LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights

Can you imagine a home without light? Obviously no. In the evening time, when the day is about to end and night is at the threshold, in such moments, pole lights slay the fear by spreading the glow.

These lights are available in various designs, so, pick according to your need. Like, same size glove cannot fit in different hands, just like that, the same pole model can’t work for garden, street, and backyard. It is impossible, to sum up, all the information about pole lights in this piece of writing, so discussing a few designs.

LED Dusk to Dawn Lights

Plenty of things go bump in the night. By installing these lights, you can easily control mishaps. These superior lights effortlessly replace 175-watt metal halide model. When mounted at the height of 15 feet, Dusk to Dawn facilitates impeccable light sufficient to protect the backyard.

Dusk to Dawn lights is available in various wattage.

70 watts Dusk to Dawn: It is fit for roadways, parking lot and warehouses.

45 watts Dusk to Dawn: It is suitable for buildings and roadways.  

30 watts Dusk to Dawn: It is suitable for back doors and slide doors.

Poorly lit roads are a menace for public safety, by mounting these lights one can strengthen safety measures.   

LED Yard Lights

LED Yard Lights are perfect for gardens and walkways. In the evening time, when birds turn back to their homes, and the smell of the touch-me-not plant is all over the garden area, beautiful LED yard lights make surroundings fit to contemplate. And that is not all, in the evening, parks and gardens don’t have much strength, so an array of lights also facilitate security and protection.

LED Street Lights

Streets and pavements are also accident prone. During moonless nights, when there is no help from the sky, LED street lights illuminate the path.

Other variety of pole lights

Slip Fitter Mount

Direct Mount

Yoke Mount

Universal Mount

LED Post Top Light

Features of LED Pole Lights

These lights are UL/DLC certified

They are IP65 rated, so they can brave bad climatic conditions.

These luminaries consume 80% less energy

Its design facilitates excellent heat dissipation   

Where else you can install LED Pole Lights?

One can install LED Pole Lights on the periphery of stadiums or around walkways or near fuel stations.


Who says only big flashy lights are important? Imagine streets without pole lights and you will realize the importance of these lights. Here we have given a brief description of pole luminaries, in case you want more detail, visit LEDMyplace
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