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LED Pole Lights Strengthen Safety.

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

Modern townships are not only artistic, but they are also equipped with state-of-the-art lights

New-age constructors know they can’t take a risk when it comes to security. And that’s why they are doing everything to make their buildings secure. Like, they have installed automatic metal gates at the entrance. Akin they have installed LED Pole Lights around boulevards, parking lots, and pathways.

Why constructors install LED Pole Lights near parking zone?

Parking zone is a hub of opulent cars. Expensive cars won’t get damaged by unsocial elements, keeping this view in mind, builders prefer150 watts, 5700K LED pole light.

Covered with die-cast aluminum, these lights are not only waterproof but also maintenance free. Heavy showers, thunderstorm, birds’ poop, nothing can affect their functionality.

Beam Angle, yes, you read it right! LED Pole Lights 150-degree beam angle  disperses the light, where it is required the most, so professional builders never commit a mistake while searching a good Led Pole Light.   

led pole lights

How 150 watts LED Pole Lights are best for boulevards?   

Boulevards enhance the beauty of the place; perfectly manicured trees near the  township’s entrance are like a fresh breeze. In the day time, these trees don’t need protection, but at night, they definitely need light. Durable and dependable LED Pole Light helps in spotting wild animals, this light also protects the place from unsocial elements, who sometimes consume prohibited drugs around trees.

150 watts LED Pole Lights effortlessly replace 450 watts Metal Halide lights,  this means, township residents don’t have to pay additional money for the electricity bill.

How 150 watts LED Pole Lights are apt for badminton and tennis court?  

Modern townships are like a whole city. These townships have the best amenities and facilities. Residents need not travel for recreational activities, sustaining this thought, dedicated badminton and tennis court is built around them. During day time, the sun illuminates courts and at night, floodlights and LED Pole Lights do the same. 150 watts LED Pole Lights don’t consume much of the power, that’s why it also installed to strengthen safety and security.          

What are the features that make 150 watts Led pole light superior?

  • There are myriad features that make Led Pole Light technologically advanced.
  • LED Pole Light doesn’t flicker and that’s not all, its sturdy body makes it shock resistant.
  • The Heat sink is an integral part of these lights, so outer aluminum cast doesn’t experience any damage because of excessive heat.


150 watts LED Pole Lights have redefined illumination, these lights are available in various versions. Like Slip Fitter Mount, Direct Mount, Yoke Mount and many others. In case you are a civil engineer or a constructor or a builder and looking for a suitable lighting solution for streets or walkways, you can click for the answer.                                
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