LED Security Lights: Safeguarding You Against the Dark!

LED Security Lights: Safeguarding You Against the Dark!

Security: it is a simple word that holds great importance in everyday life. Life insurance companies give you essential health security, armies, and peacekeeping forces and secure world peace, the guards at various multi-million complexes render the places safe. 

The sense of security is necessary for our overall well-being. 

What’s more to security than health claims, world peace, and someone watching out for you? 

It is the lights! 

Adequate lighting plays an important role when it comes to imparting a strong sense of security. 

Imagine you are out alone in the laps of nature, hiking your way up to a summit. You walk all day, and when the night starts to fall, you decide to camp. What must you do? What should be your first move towards preparing a campsite where you can crash in till the dawn breaks. Bet its fire! You’d want to light up a fire that will help you in many ways. Deep n your mind, you have always known that where there’s light, there’s a sense of safety. Illumination from the fire keeps the wild animals away, isn’t that so?

In cities, you live in a different kind of jungle. It’s the concrete jungle: there’s both good and evil around you. Days are safe and easy-going in a concrete jungle. What’s difficult is surviving the nights without proper lights.

Most of the jungle’s streets are well-lit. But what about the places that aren’t? Don’t you think that every street must light up during the night? Wouldn’t night time be a more secure time with better lighting?

What’s better lighting, you ask?

Better lighting is an experience you live each day, without having to worry about the sprawling utility bills. Better lighting is when both your personal and the government’s electricity budget do not feel burdened while meeting the needs of illumination.

Lighting fixtures that help save money by lasting for more years than conventional lights are what make better experiences nd safer outdoor spaces. You may notice that more streets and other public areas are making the shift towards LED lighting fixtures. That’s because of the many benefits of LED lights. 

Why Choose LED Security Lights?

When talking about public safety, LED security lights are the right choice to make. Since the street lights stay running for the whole night, every night, LED security lights are excellent for meeting the purpose.

Even at residential apartments and properties away from the main city area, adequate outdoor lighting is something that should never be at risk. Well-lit outdoor areas safeguard you from vandalism, robbery, theft, and other fatal crimes. The use of good-quality LED lights is advisable as they consume very little energy, are easy to maintain, and last longer than the conventional lighting fixtures.

What are the different types of LED security Lights?

There are a plethora of LED lighting fixtures that you can choose and shop from both online and offline stores. However, having different information about different kinds of LED security lights comes handy when shop for outdoor lighting needs.

Dusk to Dawn LED Security Lights

The LED lighting fixtures that adjust by the outdoor lighting conditions are known as Dusk to Dawn LED Lights. The use of photocell sensors makes the lights light up when the sun goes down and turns them off when the sun rises at dawn.

Motion Sensor LED lights

The lighting fixtures that light up as a response to a motion in their surrounding are the motion sensor lights. A simple motion sensor detects intrusions or the presence of any moving body in its vicinity. Upon receiving a signal from the sensor, the lights illuminate.

Dimmable LED security lights

If you encounter lights that come with a remote control device that can dim or brighten the illumination, you probably know what dimmable lights are. Since LEDs can give excellent output at relatively low voltage input, most manufacturers offer dimmable LED versions at reasonable prices.

Go through the list that follows and know more about them:

LED Wall Packs

Ideal for use in both commercial and residential properties. These LED security lights mount to the wall. Different kinds of wall packs are as follows:

LED semi-cutoff wall packs 

These LED security lights come under the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) classification that describes a luminaire having a light distribution in which the candela per 1000 lamp lumens does not numerically exceed 50(5%) at or above an angle of 90 degrees above zero and; 200(20%) at or above a vertical angle of 80 degrees above zero.

Full cutoff LED wall packs

These LED security lights come under the IESNA classification that describes a luminaire having a light distribution in which the candela per 1000 lamp lumens does not numerically exceed 25(2.5%) at or above an angle of 90 degrees above zero and; 100(10%) at or above a vertical angle of 80 degrees above zero.

Rotatable LED wall Packs

These wall packs serve well in outdoor areas that need 360-degree lighting.

RGB LED wall packs

These wall packs emit red, green, or blue-colored light. Combining the RGB colors in different intensities can help achieve different colors of choice. These lights meet both security and aesthetic requirements.

Dimmable wall sconces

Dimmable wall sconces are smaller lights that are useful at doors and gateways.

LED Flood Lights

Knuckle mount flood Lights

These offer an easy-to-mount design that lasts longer than traditional pole fixtures.

Double-head LED security lights.

These LED lights illuminate both on the front and back.

LED solar flood light sets

The solar flood lights operate on input that comes from a solar panel attached to the light.

LED Exit signs

LED exit lights are also known as emergency security lights.

Having these lights at the exits of roads and other public spaces can be helpful during the night.

LED Lights: fight or flight

Whether checking on intrusions into a property or finding an exit from a dark, crowded place, LED lights are what make the uneasy situations easy-enough to handle. The LED security lights are the right kind of lights for those who want adequately illuminated outdoor areas while saving energy and money. Nevertheless, it is better to know something before buying. If you have any questions about LED lighting, feel free to drop a query at info@ledmyplace.com.
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