LED Solar Street Lights - An Answer To High Energy Cost

The world is struggling with depleting non-renewable energy sources. And because of that, electricity has become pricey. Although various government and non-government organizations have set a new paradigm by installing solar energy fixtures, it seems road is far.

Now let us have a glimpse, how these solar fixtures are helping in conserving energy resources.

LED Solar Street Light: Roads seem desolate and orphan without street lights. Well lit street light not only helps in controlling accidents but it also keeps crime at bay. The city with robust infrastructure always has an array of street lights. Some hundred years back, when natural resources were not scarce, the government would use coal-generated electricity to lit street lights. In present times, the world is giving importance to LED solar street lights.

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Now the big question is, why solar lights? And how are these solar lights helping the streets?

The very first thing is, solar energy is a renewable source of energy. So when the government’s civil engineers or builders install these lights, they conserve energy.

Secondly, LED solar lights are environment -friendly. When you install these lights, there is no harm to the environment.  

Not to mention, these lights are price friendly. When one install these lights, one doesn’t have to pay the energy bill. 

best outdoor solar lights, led solar lights, led solar street lights

Comparison brings out best in us, let us know how are led solar lights are different from conventional lights.?

Conventional Street Lights

  • They illuminate the streets.
  • One does not need the sun to recharge these lights.
  • One can mount or install them outdoors or around the area surrounded by green foliage.
  • Street lights consist SPV Module, charge controller and battery luminary.
  • Weatherproof luminary
  • Powder coated pole and battery box.

LED Solar Street Lights

  • These fixtures convert only 5% energy into heat, whereas conventional lights convert around 95% into heat.
  • These fixtures come with 154hour inbuilt battery. This battery works best between temp -4 to 140 degree.
  • This fixture is IP 66 rated, that means it can easily brave bad weather.


These LED Street Lights are available in various wattage, like 20 watts solar LED street lights, 40 watts solar LED street lights. If you are constructor and looking for reliable, energy friendly and environment-friendly lights, then nothing is better than solar lights. In case you want to know more about these lights, you can visit www.ledmyplace.com

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