There was a time when workplaces stood for old furniture, piles of files, dingy almirah and slow computers. Then with time things evolved. Soon wooden office doors were replaced by remote controlled doors, workers and employees didn’t have to bear hot air churned by tedious fans.

LED Troffer lights

Superior air conditioning machines made working station pleasant. Sleek tube lights were replaced by LED tubes. No doubt these tubes made office space more scintillating.

In the last few years, once again work stations have evolved, yes, newly introduced concepts have stirred up the usual working setup. In the present times, offices are equipped with cafeterias, indoor sports zone, designed cubicles and LED Troffer lights. these lights, have not only enhanced workstation appearance but also helped in curbing energy bill.

Before explaining how these lights have redefined the concept of lighting, let us talk about the morphology of these lights.

A Troffer is a rectangular or square light fixture, which easily fits in the modular dropped ceiling grid. Sometimes an architect alters the design of these fixtures so that they match with the interior.

LED Troffer lights - LEDMyplace

These lights are available in myriad categories but LED Troffer 2x2 and 2x4 are in good demand.

Now the next question that might pop up in your mind is how these lights are better than a normal fluorescent light or CFL bulbs, To know this, read these facts...

Troffer lights consume less energy

If we go through specific wattages, fluorescent light consumes 160 watts per fixture whereas Troffer Lights consume only 30 to 50 watts (per fixture)

These lights are not affected by On and Off cycle

The life of a normal fluorescent bulb deteriorates because of on and off operations, but when one chooses LED Troffer lights, such issues don’t bother too much.

LED Troffer is available in the wide range of CCTs

LED Troffers are available in a wide range of CCTs,( Correlated Color Temperature) that means an end user can easily choose the aesthetic look for the particular place.

For Indoor Lighting, CRI is as important as CCTs

Troffer’s high Color Rendering Index ensures one clearly see what they are actually working on. Like, if a T-Shirts shop owner installs these lights, then customers won’t be confused about the actual color of the fabric.

One can easily control the intensity of light

Troffer’s light intensity can be tuned as per need. If you need less intensity, you can switch to dim mode.    

LED Troffer’s superior features make it invincible

Troffer’s superior features like lifespan, thermal dissipation, and 5-year warranty make this light invincible. These features are found in both the versions LED Troffer 2x2 30 watts as well as LED Troffer 2x4 50 watt

If you run a call center or restaurant or you are the owner of a shopping complex, then LED Troffer lights are the best bet. In case you have any queries about these lights, you are free to visit www.ledmyplace.com

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