Are LED Tubes Brighter Than Fluorescent?

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This is one of the main questions that come in the mind of each and every homeowner is whether they should replace their fluorescent tubes with LED tubes or not. Certainly, the answer to it is a big YES as these LEDs are much better than the traditional fluorescent. Before starting with the benefits and reasons why we the LED tubes are better and brighter than the fluorescent tubes, let's discuss in detail what the Fluorescent or CFL light is:

What is a Fluorescent light?

Fluorescent lights are specific types of gas-discharge light that basically emit heated lights rays; CFL means Compact Fluorescent Light which is much smaller and the fluorescent lamps inside these lights produce light by converting ultraviolet emissions with a fluorescent coating on the inside of the tube. 

Some of the disadvantages of installing Fluorescent lights are 

  • Fluorescent tubes have toxic elements such as mercury inside them that are hazardous materials and can harm the environment as well. Also, the broken bulbs release a small amount of toxic mercury as a gas and the rest is contained in the glass itself which is simply the wastage of electricity only.  
  • If we check the life of fluorescent light, we will see that these lights can work for about 10,000 hours only and we get involved in frequent switching (turning on and off) of the bulbs, the lifespan of these lights will further reduce. 
  • Fluorescent lights are omnidirectional and produce light in 360 degrees and this is one of the biggest disadvantages as you rather than illuminating the entire place, you need the lights at the desired area that needs to be illuminated. Also, more accessory parts are needed in the light fixture so that the focus can be created on the luminous output of the bulb. 

The fluorescent lights will start working horribly after some time you have installed them at the indoor places. 

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How LEDs are better and brighter than the fluorescent tubes? 

Next big question is that whether it is worthy to replace the fluorescent lights with the LED lighting? If a homeowner replaces fluorescent tubes with LED lights then per fixture they can save at least USD 20 as these lights are more energy-efficient than the already-installed fluorescents, which would save great money in the future. 

Most of the times, people need to replace their light bulbs but worried about the cost, which is one of the biggest factors in taking the decision. But in addition to just one-time investment cost, there are many other costs which are in addition to just one time upfront price of each bulb you buy; you should also consider the overall replacement and maintenance cost that you need to pay over the years. It is truly said that buying one quality bulb that can last decades is much less expensive over the long run as compared to buying dozens of cheaper ones that keep burning out.

Top Reasons Why You Should Replace the Existing Fluorescent Lights with LED Tube Lights

    • The LED tubes save much more energy and these lights have proved to be at least 70-80% more efficient than fluorescent tubes; moreover, you can replace 2 fluorescent tubes with single T8 LED replacement tube which means greater savings. 
    • These LED tube lights are designed to last for more than 50,000 hours before they reach their endpoint, it is almost double than the number of hours the fluorescent tubes can operate. You will not experience any kind of flickering or dark spots left at any of the indoor places.
  • The LED tube lights are noticeably brighter than fluorescent tubes and you don’t get exposed to any kind of harmful rays such as UV/IV rays as well that can damage your eyes and can result in skin allergies as well. The light quality of LED tube lights is one of an important feature which many homeowners and business owners are considering to have the best light source for their eyes. 
  • Yes, it's right, the LED tubes contain zero toxic materials, unlike fluorescent that contain mercury and you need to take extra care while disposing of them. But you don’t need to be worried about the LED tubes, as they are made using 100% recycled material and can be disposed of later easily. 

Long lifespan LED Tube

Why LEDs have overtaken fluorescent lights in the lighting business?

Over the last few years, the LED lighting industry has surpassed that of fluorescent lights and its efficiency and usage are improving are increasing day by day. Also, the fluorescent lamps require the use of ballast to stabilize the internal current that produces light and in case the ballast is damaged, you will start witnessing horrible buzzing noise that can affect your productivity especially when these lights are installed at the workplaces. 

In a nutshell, we can say that LED lights are far better than the fluorescent lights and with the increasing demand of these lights, the price of LEDs are rapidly decreasing and as they continue to be adopted by the entire world rather than any other forms of lights.

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