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LED Tubes Vs Ordinary Tubes

led tube lights
led tube lights
led tube lights
led tube lights

Tubes are just tubes, that’s what we think when we talk about conventional tubes. But in reality, there is a good difference between LED and Normal tubes.

Conventional Tubes: These tubes come with specific wattage. One can install these tubes in canteen, cafeteria and grocery shops. Also known as fluorescent tubes, they take some time to lit. There are certain demerits that have made these tubes outdated. Like, they need ballast to illuminate the place. If there is a technical problem with a ballast, these tubes become outdated.

Conventional Tubes consume a lot of energy and this increases the energy bill. In homes, there are two to five conventional tubes, whereas, in factories, there are around 100 to 150 conventional tubes, by replacing these tubes with LED tube lights, one can save good money.

Conventional Tube heats frequently, sometimes energy bill shoots up because of heating. Installation of the conventional tube isn’t that easy, one needs a wooden base to install conventional tubes.

Conventional Tubes’ lifespan is 6000-8000 hours. That means they are not long lasting. Quality of light from FTLs and CFLs degrades after some time. Conventional Tubes luminous efficiency isn’t quite good, as per the survey, Luminous efficiency of 40 Watt conventional tube is 1900 Lumen, whereas lumens efficiency of 18 Watt Led Tube is 1800 Lumen.

led tube lights

LED Tubes: These tubes come in myriad configurations like  LED 4ft 18 watt, LED 4ft 20 watt and many others. Let us know, why these tubes are superior to conventional tubes.      

Available in 2ft, 4ft and 8ft these tubes conserve a good amount of energy. LED 4ft 18- watt tube doesn’t need ballast and this makes them more performance oriented. These tubes heat mechanisms help in controlling the temperature.

These tubes come with 5years warranty, and that’s not all, there are many more features that make this tube the most sought after.

You don’t need to worry about the failure of the ballast.

The other important feature is, they don’t flicker like fluorescent tubes.

These tubes come with an IP44 rating, This rating assures, these tubes are protected against dust and water.

These tubes need low or no maintenance.


If you are a true businessman and believe in saving every penny, then go for these tubes. Available in myriad configuration, these tubes can accentuate your savings beyond your expectations.          

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