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LED Under Cabinet Lights - Bet You Didn't Know This About Them!

led under cabinet lights
led under cabinet lights
led under cabinet lights
led under cabinet lights

LED under cabinet Lights are multipurpose lights. They are used not just in kitchen lighting, but are also used in workspace, also can be used to light up countertops. 

Everybody loves good lighting, whether it is a kitchen or any other place at home. There are three purposes of using any light- task lighting, accent lighting, and illumination. 

Task lighting is used to supplement the working environment. LED bulbs used for task light illuminate ambient lighting and moody color temperatures to improve one’s focus on work. 

Accent Lighting bulbs are used to complement the showcasing and highlighting of artifacts. LEd wall packs, and floodlights are examples of accent lighting. 

For illumination, any light that enhances or supports the illumination purposes is sufficient. 

LED under cabinet lights can serve all the purposes but not all of them can do the same. To choose the best lights available for your needs, keep some factors in mind. 

Why Is LED Undercabinet Lights Important?

Under cabinet lighting eliminates a lot of factors that make working experience bad. 

Take the use-case of kitchen cabinet lighting. A kitchen slab underneath the cabinet will receive shadows if there is no lighting on the cabinets. To remove shadows, layered lighting is roped around the cabinet or lighting is mounted on or embedded in the light. This not only helps remove the shadows but also eliminate the glare. Here it acts as the task lighting by easing the kitchen chores no matter if day or night. 

led under cabinet lights

If you have some new modular kitchen installed, you can install them under cabinets to highlight the countertop or the new stove set you bought recently. 

Installing fluorescent and incandescent bulbs as the layer of cabinet lighting is inexpensive. These lights consume more energy hence operational costs increase over time. Halogen lamps are brighter but they burn and warm to achieve so. These lights are bright but at the cost of hot sensations. This “burn and churn” mechanism limits their life for 2 years with an average usage of 3 hours per day.  

Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, are not as bright as the halogen lamps but they last longer. They end up between 5 years to 7years with an average usage of 3 hours per day.  

What Color Temperature To Choose And Why LEDs?

LED lights are great CCT renderers. Correlated color temperature, is measured in kelvins and implies the degree of color science of white light. Ideally, LEDs give out great color temperatures in accordance with the low power consumption. Warm light usually varies between 2,700K to 3,000K. 3,500-4,000K is the range close to the color temperature of white light.  CCTs affect the appearance of the kitchen, and hence overall kitchen experience. Generally, the color temperatures are mentioned on the packaging of LED lightings. 

Color temperatures depend upon the colors and tones of the flooring and walls. For wooden tones, warm-colored floors or tiles the 2700 to 3500 kelvin (K) range works well. For decorative purposes, which are cool temperatures in general, the range of  3500 to 5000 K is suitable.

Types Of Under Cabinet Light

LED Under Cabinet Lights

Strictly manufactured to mount under the cabinet, these lights come with adjustable color temperatures from warm white to natural white. This is connected with a 3 pin power chord and a total of 5 cabinet lights could be connected with each. 

LED Under Cabinet Strip Lights

LED Under Cabinet Strip Lights

Laundry areas, offices, or the kitchen - LED Under Cabinet Strip Lights has got them all covered.  The add a contemporary element to any decoration or space. These lights can illuminate and highlight the spaces.  Great CRI makes the color of the space more natural and true to life. 

LED Puck Lights

Looking for an attractive round-shaped round-shaped cabinet lighting with adjustable lense? LED puck lights are the cabinet lighting companion you need. These lights come with different color temperatures and they even operate on hand gestures. 

Benefits Of LED Cabinet Lights No One Is Talking About

Are You An Eco-friendly person- 

If you are an eco-friendly person and aim to save a little more energy than LED lighting is the option you need. You should go for this lighting no matter what the lighting need is. These lights are “set it forget it” lights. They cost you initially and recover their costs eventually. 

Use Dimmers For To Save More Dimes

Not all fluorescents or incandescents are dimmer compatible, but most of the LED undercabinet lights are. Based on the requirement, you can adjust the brightness of the Cabinet lighting. 

Battery Compatibility

No other cabinet lights(halogens or CFLs) can run on batteries and render great light intensity as LEDs do. There are battery-operated undercabinet lights that are easy to install.

No Toxicity- 

Undercabinet lights are used extensively for kitchen lighting. Using halogen lamps there could be a bit toxic in the longer run. When one uses LED under cabinet lights, it does not pose any such danger.


Changing your cabinet lights is one of the easiest home operation you could make today. These lights are energy-efficient can work out a lot of purposes- like accent and task lighting. By considering all the advice given above, you can reap great benefits from it. These lights are eco-friendly, offer great color temperature, and advantages beyond one’s comprehension.

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