LED Wall Packs, Commercial and Residential Buildings are Unsafe without these Lights.

LED wall Packs

Inside walls do not need a description. We all know these walls are like a hanger. You hang various things on these walls. Like, a book rack or the painting of the renowned artist Picasso or designer lights. Now the big question is, are outside walls equally useful? An answer to this question is, yes, they are.

Besides your nameplate and security camera, you can hang sophisticated LED Wall Pack outside the building. In the evening time, when the sun isn’t around, LED Wall Pack illuminates the surroundings.

You might question, how is this light better than your old trusted metal halide fixture? To explain this, we will not invest words rather present facts. As per veteran researchers, where traditional Metallic Halide has 65% luminaire efficacy, contemporary wall pack light has 83% efficacy.

According to the trusted research company’s report Simple Cutoff also have an edge over Simple Metal Halide. The data reveals, where Metal Halide has 43% luminaire efficacy, in comparison to it, Simple Full Cutoff Wall pack has 93% luminaire efficacy.           

led wall packs

Wall Pack Lights come in myriad designs and shapes. Before selecting these lights, be sure which one suits you.

For exterior application, nothing is better than LED Cutoff Wall Packs. These fixtures are great for schools, colleges, hospitals, and public buildings.

Just like LED Cutoff lights, LED Slim Wall Pack are apt for commercial and residential buildings. You can pick these lights if there is limited space for installation.

In case you are looking for Wall Packs with a classic design, then nothing can beat LED traditional Wall Packs. You will be surprised to know many traditional Wall Packs have a lifespan between 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

Looking for Wall Packs for exit and entrances,? Just pick LED Wall Packs. These are inexpensive but facilitate long lasting light source. You might not know, Wall Packs have photocells, which turns them on at dusk and turn off at daylight.

You don’t require a technical degree to know the intricacies of this light. Just go through these superior features, and you know if it is worthy and better than Metal Halide lights.

Superior Features of Wall Pack Light

  • Environment-friendly
  • Shatterproof
  • Flicker-free
  • Dust resistant
  • Low power consumption     


All the best things in life need security. If you assume installing cameras, and security guards are adequate to protect buildings think again? Because without LED Wall Pack Lights, your protection is incomplete. To garner more information about these lights, you can talk to our customer care executive.

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