LEDs - Luminaires That Light-Up And Heal

LEDs - Luminaires That Light-Up And Heal

Lights can heal you now. 

Sunlight is a natural healer, and there is enough scientific evidence to back this fact up. 

Now, artificial light like LED lights can do the same thing and much more. 

No, that’s no kidding!

Lights can heal you in many ways. 

LED lights therapy was not so popular until the last month. 

LED lights can help with skin and brain therapy alike. 

LED lights and skin

LEDs emit a blue and red light that affects the skin at the cellular level. LED lights can photo biomodulate the energy levels produced by mitochondria(cellular powerhouse), and create more energy at cellular levels.  

Red light stimulates fibroblasts, which in turn improve fine lines and wrinkles. Blue lights can improve acene, and also work to decrease oil production, hence also reducing pimples at the same time.

Many institutions have been taking advantage of both blue and red lights already. 

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LEDs for sports professionals

LED light therapy also has a lot in store for sports professionals and fitness enthusiasts. 

In one of the freshest and revolutionary moves, Joovv, a brand that sells first of its kind medical-grade red lighting emitting panels, became the first one to do so. Red Light therapy helps accelerate the cellular regeneration process by increasing the blood flow towards damaged tissues. It helps in painless recovery and faster recovery.  

LEDs and circadian rhythm

LED lights also have a significant impact on the circadian rhythm. Now, this fact is being put on another level of the test. Under proper medical conditions, sleep/wake cycles can be controlled and regulated in a better way. According to s Doug Steel, a Salt Lake City-based neuroscientist, this therapy can help improve sleep quality drastically. The sleep quality upgrades to the extent that the body starts to rejuvenate itself, and attention span improves subsequently. 

LEDs also help cure depression, anxiety disorders, along with many other psychological ailments. 

Many of the problems related to metabolism and the risks of developing diseases like diabetes are due to unregulated sleep cycles. LED light therapy can certainly help fix these problems.

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