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Let’s Talk About The UFO LED Lighting

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warehouse led lights
warehouse led lights

Have you seen any documentaries on manufacturing factories which make tetra pack food, lifestyle clothing wear, or any hardware factories? If you want to establish a new factory and want to illuminate your wide space same as those famous factories then go for the LED High Bay Lighting.

This won’t be a platform where you will get to read any promotional product’s feature but we compare our lighting appliance with another one. Why should you need to consider UFO LED Lighting instead of any other fixture?

That’s a kind of information which blow your eyes and start to think with something new.

  • Why Consider UFO LED Lighting?
  • Where Else Can You Install UFO LED Lights?
  • Is UFO LED Light Certified?

All these questions are asked by our customers, it is time to solve them permanently.

Why Consider UFO LED Lighting?

Well, there is nothing in this lighting source you can doubt on. There are some benefits of UFO LED High Bay Lights down below:

  • To Illuminate The Space In A New Way

  • Who doesn’t want to brighten up their space better than before? Well, with this fixture you can illuminate the space in a peculiar way. As this lighting source is a high bay fixture which illuminates the space through the high ceiling without consuming high-wattage energy.

    Might be you are thinking, how is this fixture going to illuminate from such height when it’s not even consuming high wattage?

    Let us clear this misconception by in a simple way, wattage consumption doesn’t define the brightness of the lighting source, it’s lumens output. Higher the lumen you would get per wattage, you can expect more brightening light to your space.

    Apart from the brightness, you must consider the color shade and the quality of light of UFO LED Lights. With the natural white and day white tint lighting, you can illuminate your space with the brightening shade of lighting source. Make sure that you’ll receive 80+ color rendering index to display the real color of objects.

    led ufo high bay lights

    Have you ever thought of any lighting fixture that notifies you about an intruder?

    Surely NO!!!, this lighting fixture comes with an optional accessory of “Motion Sensor” that detects the motion in the range of beam angle and notifies you instantly by illuminating that particular space. Apart from this benefit, you can control the lighting output by using dimmable UFO LED light from 1V - 10V.

    It has one more efficient feature that specifies the light dispersion of the fixture. The “120° Ultra Wide Beam Angle” brighten up the 3X space than any other lighting fixture.

  • To Enhance The Durability

  • While selecting the lighting fixture for your new wide space, make sure that its durability is higher than any other lighting product. How do you check the durability of the lighting appliance?

    You just need to consider two things:

    Thermal Heat Dissipation: It is a feature that keeps the fixture cool and increases its durability.

    Operational Temperature: By checking this feature, you’ll get to know the performance delivery in challenging weather situations. Consider -4° F TO +113° F operational temperature.

  • To Save Money

  • There is no one this planet who don’t save money on lighting bills. By using this UFO LED lighting fixture you can smartly save money without any extra effort on savings. LEDs are famous for their low energy consumption that leads to 75% low energy bills without compromising in lighting output.

    Where Else Can You Install UFO LED Light?

    Well, it is a high bay lighting fixture that means it can any place where the high ceiling is available such as warehouse, industries, gymnasium, indoor stadium, factories, many such places.

    This lighting source has been designed to illuminate the surface above 15ft ceiling space. It can be installed at the low ceiling space as well but it would not look good and will be too bright space that affects eyes.

    So, it better to install this fixture to high ceiling space.

    Is UFO LED Light Certified?

    Yes!!! It is a certified lighting fixture which has been approved by UL and DLC Premium that indicates this fixture is safe to use and doesn’t get short circuit after the sudden fluctuation of voltage.

    In The End

    This is time to stop thinking and start taking action to get low-cost lighting bills. Many people have many thinking about lighting fixtures. It is time to make a smart decision then don’t get stuck with old fixtures and confidently replace your current fixture with UFO LED Lights.

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