Let's Know About That Five Things We Should Consider While Purchasing LEDs

Things We Should Consider While Purchasing LED

If your incandescent bulbs start to burn out, you might want to consider switching to LED bulbs. These lights have a lifespan of more than 5-year, making them a wise and cost-effective investment. LEDs, such as LED Panel Lights and LED Downlights, have come a long way in recent years, and they can now be utilized in any room of your home or workplace. There are five things to consider before running to the store and buying the first LED you see.


Don't worry about watts. You're not purchasing an incandescent light bulb. Lumens are what you're looking for. If you focus solely on watts, you will spend the entire day doing so. In this category, LEDs and incandescent bulbs do not compare. Although lumens and watts do not always correspond, in general, if you want something that looks like a 60W bulb, you should seek an LED with 800 lumens.



LED Downlights and LED Panel Lights are available in a wide range of colors and spectrums. You're probably searching for a color that's similar to what your incandescent produced. Warm white, dazzling white, or soft white are the colors you look for. Warm and soft white will give you a yellow tint, while dazzling white will give you a more natural look.


It won't take you long to realize that an LED will cost you more than a regular bulb. The financial savings you achieve will eventually outweigh the expense of the LED you select, as will the fact that your bulb will likely not need to be changed for several decades. In fact, throughout its lifetime, a single LED bulb can save you at least $100.


All LEDs aren't dimmable. If you want to use an LED bulb with a dimmer, then make sure that it is labeled for it with one. While switching to dimmable led downlights or LED Panel Lights for your home or office may appear to be a complex process, the installation may be completed in a single weekend.

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LEDs do not produce heat, contrary to popular belief. They do but in a different manner. If you want LEDs to stay bright and functional for the rest of your life, don't use them in enclosed fixtures. If you're going to use the LED in a recessed fixture, be sure it's made for recessed fixtures.

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