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Let's Know the Benefits of Installing Recessed Lighting in a Residential Setting

led downlights
led downlights
led downlights
led downlights

This unique Recessed lighting or 'can lighting' offers numerous benefits, unlike other light fixtures. Let's go through this blog to know about the advantages of LED downlights in residential spaces.

LEDMyplace offers numerous types of LED Recessed Lights surrounded by metal 'can' and installed above the ceiling plane. It is perfect to be installed in bathrooms, dens, kitchens, hallways, or anywhere in the indoor spaces.

Advantages of installing LED Downlights in the indoor spaces:

  1. Simple and sleek appearance: We install an LED Recessed Lights above the plane ceiling, and the best part is that after installation, none of the hanging or mounted fixtures is visible. Because of its slim and sleek design, it makes the appearance of your room much spacious.
  2. Strategic Lighting: This LED's recessed lighting provides intense light in a small radius that works as focal lighting. For example, Direct installation of the Downlights above your work station emits a crisp, bright light that functions as task lighting.
  3. Perfect for low ceilings: Now say bye to any more head-bumping on hanging fixtures. It's mainly a blessing to all tall people because they suffer from headbanging.
  4. Uniform Lighting: It is the perfect lighting fixture to illuminate the perimeter of a room. The light gets dispersed uniformly outward from a centrally mounted light fixture to a certain radius only. As a result, the room's perimeter is darker than the middle. Recessed lighting is the answer! Install LED recessed lights across the room's perimeter to ensure the even distribution of light from wall to wall.

Let's discuss some of our bestselling LED Downlights:

  •         5/6 Inch Dimmable LED Recessed Lighting

led downlights

The quality downlight of 5/6 inches offered by us is 15 watts and is most demanding. This is most suitable to be installed in damp conditions, making it perfect to be installed in the bathroom. We offer various color temperatures such as 3000K is soft white, 4000K is bright white, and 5000K cool white for this dimmable LED recessed lighting.

  •         8 Inch LED Dimmable Recessed Lighting

8-inch-led downlights

This 8 inches LED dimmable downlight is 30 watts that replace a dimmable halogen downlight of 105 watts that saves hefty on the utility bill. It is most demanding because of its popular baffle trimming design that helps in reducing glare. Different color temperatures of 4000K and 5000K are available that disperse clear, bright, and directional light. This dimmable LED recessed lighting renders actual color and is also suitable for wet locations.

Convinced or not that the LED Downlights are the most critical installation for your home? Save a significant amount on your monthly utility bill by installing an energy-efficient LED light fixture.

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