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Lighting Fixture For Safety And Security

led wall pack
led wall pack
led wall pack
led wall pack

Lights are an intruder’s biggest enemy. That is the main reason, most of the intruder and burglar’s black so that they can merge in the dark area.  All of the prowlers get attracted to the dark residential areas so that they can easily conceal while they try to break-in.

If you want to keep your surroundings safe from them, make sure that you use some smart LED lighting appliances.

Why LED lighting fixtures?

The main reason behind to use the LED is that these fixtures don’t consume high-wattage to illuminate the space. They offer crispy light to the surface at low wattage consumption and leads you to savings.

In this article, LEDMyplace describes the security lighting fixtures which would increase the safety measures.

  • List Of The Security Lighting Fixtures
  • Tips For Safety and Security Lights

List Of Security Lighting Fixtures

Wall Pack: It is a lighting fixture which can easily mount to the entrance of your house. Most of us already use LED Wall Pack outside the house. It is IP65 rated which means that the fixture is water and dust protected.

It is an energy-efficient substitute of HPS lighting fixture whereas HPS operates on high-energy consumption this wall pack consumes less energy and illuminate the space. With the premium LED cob chips it emits the glaring light.

Flood Light: Placing them at the top of the house to illuminate the whole outdoor space including your backyard and entrance. One of the best things about LED Flood Lights is that it can install at any outdoor space such as parking lot, garden, house, stadium, and much more.

led flood lights

It allows you to give the freedom to control the lighting output from 0V - 10V. This lighting fixture also used in the commercial and industrial sector as well.

Solar LED: As we all are leading to saving money but what steps you are taking to save money. Most of the people are tensed about the high-cost energy bills and willing to reduce energy consumption.

Approx 30% of the population has switched to LED Solar Lights because to save 100% energy. With the huge lithium battery back-up, it can operate for three days without charging. If you are looking for an outdoor security light, this would be an energy-saving fixture which fulfills all your lighting desires.

All of the fixtures increases the safety and security measures instantly when there is no natural light to your surface.

Tips For Safety And Security Lights

While using the security lights, there is some advice straight from the LED experts that you need to understand for your own good.

#1 Area: To accomplish a safe environment for your space, people install LED Security Lights but most of them are confused where to install the fixture. It is necessary to select an area where you can mount or fix the fixture.

Keep that in mind that you illuminate all of the space and blind spots as well. Always fox a place where the whole area would be covered with enough light and emits a decline the chances of any unsafe mortal.

#2 Maintenance: You must have to make sure that you follow that maintenance routine timely. You need to check on your own that the fixture is working good. As they are an outdoor lighting device, they quickly collect the dust and water to cure your fixture always prefer IP65 rated LED lighting device.

#3 Sensors: The motion sensor lights are an automated appliance that instantly lightens up space when it detects any motion. Many houses, grocery stores, and much more space to auto-lighten the space without putting any extra effort of turns on and off.

Apart from all the above tips, you need to make sure that the fixture emits the space with quality light, what features should keep in mind?

  • CCT: The correlated color temperature furnishes the white tint of the fixture. It must be in the range of 4000K - 6500K to illumine the area with vivid light.

  • CRI: What would you with the blazing light when you are getting the blurry light. Color rendering index identified the quality which emits the quality light to shows the original tone of every subject. CRI of LED outdoor light fixture must be more than 70.

  • When choosing outdoor lighting solution keep these two in mind so that you wouldn’t get fooled by any lighting company.

    At a Glance

    At LEDMyplace, the art of outdoor illumination is a passion that we work for. Our LED lights fulfill many lighting desires and keep our clients safe from any mishappening. If you have any query regarding lighting product, comment down below. We would be happy to help you.

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