Living in a Big Plush Home, Install LED WALL PACK...

Living in a Big Plush Home, Install LED WALL PACK...

....Yes, 120 V 24 W Security Light with dual head provides invincible security.  

The best things in life need security. This law isn’t only applicable to lights, but everything. Some 200 years ago, when there were no sophisticated cameras, soldiers and watchmen were appointed to guard the property and money. Human beings always had had certain limitations, so crimes like thefts, bank robberies, and murders could not be fully controlled.

Later on, when the security camera came into the market, the whole scenario changed. This camera was great, but strong lights are needed to guard the things. Soon the introduction of 120 V, 24-watt LED Wall Pack lights full filled that demand.           

Presently, plush homes, jewelry shops, hypermarkets, and taxi stands have these lights. Now the question is, what makes these lights so much appropriate for vigilance? Answer to this question lies in the strong technical facts.

Let us have a glimpse of the facts

This state-of-the-art light has a high tempered glass with adjustable heads.

Modern lights last 3 to 4 times more in comparison to simple lights.

These dual lights come with an IP64 rating, that means they have good resistance against splash of water.

Passive infrared sensors in the light keep eyes on intruders.

11O degree beam angle helps in uniform distribution of light.

And that is not all, in case you are not getting a good electrician, you can install these lights with the help of a few screws, anchor and junction box.  


Dual heads mean double advantage, when you pick this light, you certainly strengthens the security of your home, industry and the market. In case you feel this Wall Pack light isn’t suitable for you then, you can pick anyone from its various versions viz. Rotatable, Semi Cutt Off, Full Cut Off and Forward Throw.
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