Meaning & Importance of UL vs. ETL Certification

Meaning & Importance of UL vs. ETL Certification

In the lighting industry, some safety standards are very famous, which tested almost every lighting product to ensure safety. Yes, UL and ETL safety standards are the certifications that confirm the safe use of many lighting fixtures. After seeing these safety standards on most LED lights, you might be thinking of their meaning and the difference between them. So, they both are Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs) and are non-governmental labs that work independently. Along with this, both the labs are recognized by OSHA, which confirms that both are suitable to test products on safety standards. In this blog, you will know the meaning of UL and ETL and their importance.

What Are UL and ETL Certifications?

Talking about UL and ETL certifications, they both are labs that test the safety standards of LED lights and other products. The main objective of both the laboratories is to provide safe and suitable products which have fewer issues. You will understand more about both certifications below.

What is UL Listed?

What is UL Listed?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory, and it is a leading organization for creating and performing the test on LED lights to assure that they meet the safety standards. So far, the laboratory has created more than 1500 unique safety standards that approve several lights as safe to use in the US and Canada. Not only this but the standards they develop are used by many other organizations in which ETL is also included. The popularity of UL safety standards is widely recognized, and many people will look for UL certification in several LED lights. 

What Is ETL Listed?

ETL Listing

ETL stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories, and this is the testing and certification division of UK-based Intertek Testing Laboratories. Basically, ETL tests LED lighting parts and components to confirm that they conform to established standards. But, ETL does not create its own standards; they only test the LED lights to meet the safety standards developed by UL. When it comes to cost, ETL is inexpensive and known for completing the certification process faster than UL. 

Why Are LED Lights UL & ETL Certified?

The main reason behind LED lights being certified by UL and ETL is to confirm that the products and components are safe to use. Along with this, the certifications also test that the lights are appropriate for customers to purchase and free from issues that will be bad for the company’s goodwill. When it comes to the requirements of these certifications, they are not legally needed in LED lights, but they are beneficial for customer satisfaction and product surety. So far, many lighting companies have decided not to sell products without being certified by some reputed safety standards like UL and ETL.

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