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Add More Elegance to the Outdoor Places By Installing LED Pole Lights

Led pole light
Led pole light
Led pole light
Led pole light

Reduce the Number of Accidents by Installing powerful 300w LED Pole Lights

Illuminating the exterior places is much more important than lighting the indoor places as lacking in it can result in painful consequences, the poor lit outdoor places not only invite criminal’s to rob people traveling during the nights but also increases the risk of road accidents which can even take the life of the driver as well. Therefore you should not take any kind of risk regarding lighting the outdoor places, install LED pole lights that are the best lighting solution for having an enriched level of brightness. 

Also, these lights are eco-friendly lights and can play an important role in keeping the environment safe and healthy, you can install 300w LED pole lights that are increasingly being used at the outdoor spaces such as highways, roads, streets among many other outdoor places to lighten the place in a more graceful manner. 

led pole light

Why you should invest in 300w LED pole lights 

Easy Installation 

Whether you are installing these lights at the parking lot or at the street, these 300w LED pole lights can be installed anywhere and at any kind of pole as well, whether its round, square or even on a wall, irrespective of weather conditions. Also, these LED pole light comes with universal mounting options and better and wider beam angle as well, so that the entire place can be illuminated in a more beautiful way with ease in the installing option. Also, these LED pole lights are designed using die-cast aluminium housing that is better and superior to the traditional lights and beneficial in ensuring cooler lighting rays that are being emitted by these lights. 

Lumen output 

The higher the lumen output is another important of these 300w LED pole lights including many other LED pole lights as well, the better the lumen output, the better the outdoor places will be illuminated. If you install 300w LED pole light that produces 39514 lumens then you can easily replace them with 1000w MH lights which directly means savings of than 80% in the monthly electricity bills. 

DLC certified 

Due to being eco-products even the power companies are promoting the use of these lights by offering rebates and incentives to the buyers so that they can get motivated towards buying these lights. Also, these lights are photocell enabled lights and will Auto On at night and Auto-off during the Daytime which as a result will offer more energy savings. 

Comes with 5 years of warranty 

Also, you will get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer’ end on buying these lights which is another important reason to invest in these lights. Once installed you can expect these lights to lighten the place for a period of at least 50,000 hours

So make the outdoor places illuminated properly by installing these 300w LED pole lights at the outdoor places, you can create wonderful outdoor ambience post installing these efficient lights over there. 

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