LED Solar Lights are the future

In contemporary times non-renewable resources are depleting with the fast pace, Solar Light is the only hope.

We are heading in an era where technology is the keyword. Without technology, we cannot envisage the world. In present times everything is power governed. The earth is inundated with devices but there is not enough power to run devices. In such circumstances, solar energy is the only hope.

Solar geysers, solar lights, solar batteries, solar ovens, and solar cars are helping in saving energy. Finally, people have realized the importance of solar energy. And that’s why they are installing more and more LED solar lights

If we put other solar devices aside, the solar lights are gaining pace. Reasons are more than one...

In solar lights, the sunbeams are the fuel

When you install solar lights, you do not have to put an electricity meter or voltage line. In fact, there aren’t issues like power cut as lights recharge through sunlight.

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Solar lights pay in the long run

When you install solar lights you make a good investment in the beginning, but later on, you can easily cover this cost.

Conventional light’s maintenance cost is high

LED Solar lights’ maintenance cost is less in comparison to conventional lights. 

Types of LED Solar Lights

  • LED Solar Street lights
  • LED Solar Batten Light
  • Solar LED Wall Pack

LED Solar Street Lights

20 watt solar light works with a 50-watt solar panel to convert solar energy into light. The color temperature of the light is 6000K. You can install these lights on streets, parks, walkways and near gigantic stadiums. 

LED Solar Batten Light

It is all-in-one solar outdoor lighting, comprising a lighting lamp along with a solar panel. It is quite an energy efficient product.

Solar LED Wall Pack

This 5 watt light easily replaces 60-watt metal halide light. You can mount these lights on the wall of the parking zone. This lighting fixture is flicker free.

Other vital features of LED solar lights

  • All solar lights are environment-friendly
  • Lights have Aluminum metal
  • These lights are flicker free
  • IP65 proves these lights are suitable for all types of weather condition


If you are an environmentalist and thinks it is high time to replace conventional lights with LED Solar fixtures then, do not procrastinate this thought. In case you don’t know much about these fixtures, leave your worries aside, just talk to our customer care executive for the better insight.

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