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Parking infrastructure is incomplete without LED pole lights

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

Just Imagine, what would happen if there were no parking zones. Cars and bikes roam on the roads like orphans search shelters. In present times when technology is evolving each day, modern parking zones have become indispensable.

Why I am saying modern? Because these parking zones have all the state-of-the-art features. Like, jumbo elevators to carry big limousines from one floor to another; superior bar code system to keep track of the vehicles; 360 rotating cameras for vigilance and sophisticated LED pole lights.

If we keep other things on one side, commercial led pole lights have never been taken seriously. Many constructors and builders settle for fluorescent and Halide lights when LED pole lights are far more superior. If you feel I should submit facts, then all I can say, I won’t disappoint you.

Why LED pole lights are better than other lights for parking zone?

  • In comparison to 70 watts Halogen bulb, LED consumes mere 12 watts.
  • Where other bulbs convert most of the energy into heat, LED parking lot lights convert most of the power into the light beam. 
  • LED pole lights have 25 times more life than ordinary street light. And that’s not all which makes led parking light so much extraordinary! there is a gamut of features that prove its worth, like…
  • The luminance of led parking lights is better than fluorescent lights.
  • When it is LED lighting, you can easily adjust or select color temperature.
  • Artificial lighting has a detrimental effect on humans and animals, studies show LED pole lights attract fewer insects in comparison to another light source.

led pole lights

LED lights have high energy levels in comparison to another light source, check the facts…

Lamp type Energy efficacy

  • High- pressure mercury 60
  • Metal Halide 120
  • High- pressure sodium 150
  • Led 150

LED parking light comes in various colors and wattage viz. Bronze, Grey, Black, Silver. Wattage: 35 W, 55W, 150 W…and so on. Another thing that sets these lights apart are their variety.

Types of LED pole lights

  • LED Yard light
  • Slip Fitter Mount
  • Direct Mount
  • Yoke Mount

Other superior features of LED pole lights

  • LED parking lights are UL/DLC certified
  • They can brave any weather because they are IP65 rated
  • Also known as shoebox lights, these luminaries consume 80% less energy
  • Heat sinks, integrated into its design facilitates excellent heat dissipation  

Where else you can install these lights?   

One can install led pole lights on the periphery of stadiums or near toll bridges or around walkways or parks or near cab stations 


Engineered to facilitate security and safety, led parking lights are matchless. In case you are a builder or a constructor and looking for sophisticated designs for parking lights, then visit Not to mention, on this portal, you will easily find an array of lights backed by modern technology.        

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