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Philadelphia Walks Towards Safer And Brighter Streets

Philadelphia Walks Towards Safer And Brighter Streets
Philadelphia Walks Towards Safer And Brighter Streets
Philadelphia Walks Towards Safer And Brighter Streets
Philadelphia Walks Towards Safer And Brighter Streets

The city of Philadelphia joins a new venture in installing LED street lights citywide. This initiative is a part of the city's ‘Municipal Energy Master Plan’  aimed at reducing energy consumption and lower its carbon emissions. In the year 2015, the process was initiated with a conversion of 3,708 lights out of 105,000 lights citywide. Now, Philadelphia has announced its ambitious “LED-ify the city” mission of converting the remaining 105,000 lights.

As reported in local news, Christine Knapp, Director of the city’s office of sustainability, says “This project is the largest energy-saving project that the city can undertake.” 

The city currently spends $12.9 million on this lighting project. The Department of Energy reports that the widespread use of LEDs compared to non-LEDs can save an “Equivalent annual electric output of 44 large electric power plant”, about a return of $30 billion in estimates. 

The Philadelphia government also hopes for a reduction in greenhouse gasses in the city. According to the office of sustainability, the replacement of 100,000 lights will reduce municipal carbon emission by 13,700 metric tons of Co2 equivalent. 

The Philadelphia Energy Officials seek a customized color temperature lighting for every other neighborhood. It seems like Philadelphia, besides lighting through energy-efficient measures, is also focused on the aesthetics of the long and beautiful streets of the city.  

Light create safety measures

Lights Illuminate Crime away!

The need for a safe neighborhood is growing with the alarming rise in crimes. The city of Philadelphia aims at controlling this rise in street crimes by switching to  LED Street lights

In a press release Darrell Clarke, Council President of Philadelphia says, “ Data from other cities shows that converting our street lights to LED will have a significant impact on gun violence, public safety and quality life in neighborhoods citywide.”

Other cities have reported a stark fall in crime rate after street lights were replaced with LEDs. The director of the Bureau of Street Lighting, Los Angeles, Ed Ebrahimian says, “ By just looking at the numbers, we’ve seen a major 10.5% reduction in crimes.

The Street Deputy Commissioner said 4000K LEDs does not make the streets safer per se, but it allows them to recognize faces and colors when using surveillance and cameras. With a conventional 2700K high-pressure sodium lights or a 3000K LED Light they can’t tell the color of the shirt of a suspect in a video, whereas, with a 4000 K they can, he explained. 

What Did we do next….

The American Medical Association sets guidance or standards for LED Pole Lights for a sustainable ecosystem. Nevertheless, Knapp says that the city will take into consideration the experiences of other cities and input from city residents through a gathered public meeting. 

The Urban Conservation Manager, Keith Russell shows some concern about the migratory birds that fly through Philadelphia. Addressing this problem Knapp says, “If there are bird migration pathways that we know are important to adjust lighting around, we can have a customized solution to this.”

The light conversion aimed to find a solution to Global Warming and thus the city turned to connect the street lights with LEDs. 

According to an update in Philadelphia’s Municipal Energy Plan, the city has reduced its carbon pollution by 33% since 2006. The city Mayor, Jim Kenney targets a 50% fall on carbon pollution by 2030.  

The city is yet to decide on its budget and investment on such a measure but for now, LEDs still rock the streets of America!

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