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Pre-Plans Before Purchasing LED Downlights!

led downlights
led downlights
led downlights
led downlights

Lighting is a very important part of interior décor. And when you plan to illuminate any rooms in your house, there is an ocean of lighting to binge in. Among all, LED Downlights are a prevalent option because of their beautiful designs. They can be used as a single light, or you can combine them to illuminate an entire area.

Now the question arises how many LED downlights you need to brighten an entire area? The answer is, it is according to the requirement of the rooms. A room may need bright or low light depending on its area, applications, and type of décor.

For instance, a study room or living room may need more lights as compared to the bedroom.

While discussing this, let’s know more about the use of Recessed Downlights.

Plan before you act

It is very important to plan before you purchase any light. However, you don’t need to put much effort into planning; just make a blueprint of your room with paper and pencil.

Noting down your plans and ideas on paper makes things easier. For example, you can exactly decide the area where you want to install them.

Also include furniture in your plan, as it plays a significant role while deciding the lighting fixture.

led downlights

Decide your focal points

LED Downlights are generally used to grab the attention of a particular area or object in the room. To start with, decide the area that needs more lighting and plan the lighting for these areas.

For example, if you plan the lighting for the bathroom, you may need more lighting above the mirror for clear visibility. Likewise, the study room in the house will need brighter lighting for reading.

The place should be decided first, following by the positioning of lights.

Use the Rule of Thumb for Ceiling Height

There is a simple rule to know the spacing between your downlights. All you need to do is take the height of the ceiling and divide it by 2. So, for example, if the height of your ceiling is 10 feet, then the distance between your downlights should be 5 feet apart.

As this is a general rule, you need to be cautious while using this. You may need to install them together or apart according to the color of your décor or the purpose of your lighting.

If you are confused while deciding the brightness of the light, always use them with a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness later.

The ideal distance between downlights

The ideal gap between your downlights and the ceiling should be 3 feet at least to avoid the shadow. This will also make the room look smaller, as expected.

The gap of 3 feet helps to make the most of your downlight and also creates an illusion of space in the room.


There is always some logic behind the design and application of the LED downlights. If you will follow the ideas, LED downlights will always be proven as your most intelligent investment.

If you want to explore the latest and quality recessed downlights, you can visit LEDMyplace to get the best lights and assistance during your purchase.

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