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Reasons Why LED Flood Lights Are The Best Choice

led flood lights
led flood lights
led flood lights
led flood lights

You need the best in the class product when it matters the most. Like in a game where for the last point two teams are fighting, or your parking area is exposed to thieves. Such are the times when you need a reliable Flood Light on which you can depend on for your lighting requirements. 

But choosing the right Flood Light is not an easy feat as the sheer number of options that are available is overwhelming. This guide will help you pick the right kind of Flood Light for your establishment and will expand your knowledge about the amazing world of LED Flood Lights

Let us now examine why LED Flood Lights are the best choice

Metal Halide fixtures that were used traditionally in Flood Lights were electricity guzzlers and produced so much heat that their longevity got affected due to these reasons. Apart from this, a poor beam angle, a low color rendering index and the presence of hazardous material made these old fixtures a thing of the past. LED, the fourth generation of lighting technology took over and is soon laying a path of a greener and a more energy-efficient plant. 

The primary benefits of using an LED Flood Light instead of traditional fixtures are as follows: 

  • Energy Efficient: When it comes to energy efficiency, there is no match for LED technology in the market today. A 15W LED has the same amount of light as would a 100W conventional light. Similarly, an LED light of 300W can replace a traditional light of a whopping 1000W. 

This essentially means that while paying less for your electricity you can enjoy the same amount of light. And since Flood Lights operate for longers hours, this energy efficiency would multiple and save you a lot on your electricity expenditure. 

This also is great for the plant as you know consume less electricity from the grid thus easing out the pressure on natural resources. This also leads to a sustainable future because fewer greenhouse gases are released in the atmosphere due to the less demand for electricity.

The conversion chart for all available LED Flood Lights options are: 

LED power (in Watts)

Traditional Equivalent (in Watts)





















  • Long-Lasting: With the advent of technology things that we use every day, such as lights, are becoming more and more superior in their longevity and durability. With this progress, LEDs now come with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours of continues operation. 

  • This is because LED lights have been tested for 50000 hours. Now take a guess how many hours traditional lights are tested for? 1500 hours, yes that’s correct. 1500 hours of testing vs 50,000 hours of testing. Need we say more why LEDs rule all the way?

    • Multiple mounting options: At LEDMyPlace, two different mounting options are available for your Flood Light.
    • Knuckle mount - A special mount for Flood Lights to slip into poles, this mount is designed so that Flood Lights can be installed directly onto an existing pole without the need for additional fixture or installment. 
    • Flood Mount -  The usual standard mount for Flood Lights, this type of mount allows a Flood Light to be installed at the edges of a building, or at the rooftop illuminating a wide area below. Or at the bottom of a building beaming up, highlighting the amazing facade of your building.

              Whatever your requirement be, these two mounts will help you install your Flood Lights with convenience and ease, without the need of getting additional fixture and additional hardware. 

  • A large number of options to choose from: The LED Flood Lights at LEDMyPlace come in various wattage options in the standard and high volt category. 

  • In the standard 120-277 Volts capacity, the various wattage options available are: 

    • 15W 
    • 30W
    • 50W
    • 100W
    • 150W
    • 200W
    • 240W
    • 480W
    • 600W

    In the high power capacity of 200-480 volts, there are two options available in the power range of 

    • 300W
    • 480W

    • Ingress Protection: LED FLood lights come with an IP65 rating making them apt for use in the dust, moist or wet environment. Ingress protection rating is an internationally accepted rating for defining levels of sealing effectiveness. The two numbers 6 and 5 both denote a different thing, the first one of the two is for intrusion protection (dust) and the second one for moisture or liquid protection. 

    Therefore an IP65 rating actually means an ingress protection rating of 6 (Totally dust tight with a vacuum seal) and 5 (Protection against low-pressure jets).

  • Dusk To Dawn: Another amazing reason to buy LED Flood Lights are the dusk to dawn feature that they have. Imagine your commercial parking lot is away from your home, now would you travel every night to turn on the lights and then back in the morning to turn them off? We wouldn’t, so why would you!

  • Each LED Flood Light sold at LEDMyPlace is equipped with the state of the art ‘photocell’ which detects light and automatically turns the Flood Light on or off according to the preconditioned settings. 

    This not only saves you the trouble of manually operating the light in your commercial property but also reduces wastage that can occur on the account of human error, if one forgets to turn off the lights. In turn bringing you additional savings, apart from the savings on account of efficiency.  

    • Vibration Free: Flood Lights are often fixed at height, thus the benefits that come along with a vibration-free Flood Light is obvious in itself. 

    Each LED Flood Light is manufactured keeping in mind this height conundrum and is therefore made completely vibration-free so that it can withstand high-velocity winds that are frequent in the part of the US. With the changing climate, these kinds of winds are only slated to increase. 

    But rest assured, your LED Flood Lights will be safe as they are designed in such a way to provide protection from this very component of weather for a very long amount of time.

    • Thermal Heat Dissipation: One of the major drawbacks of traditional metal halide fixtures, apart from them being a power guzzler, is the fact that a lot of heat is generated. This excess heat sometimes used to result in damaging the product.

    This problem has been fixed with LED Flood Lights since the heat generated is lot less compared to Metal Halide fixtures. 

    However, the low amount of heat generated in an LED Flood Light is also taken care of, thanks to the Aluminium heat sink built inside the light. Being a good conductor of heat, the Aluminium absorbs much of the heat and dissipates it without overheating the light itself. 

  • Ultra Wide Angle: Our LED Flood Lights have an ultra-wide-angle of 120 degrees which gives an immense coverage in a large amount of area. This ensures that no corner of the establishment remains in the dark thus putting your safety in jeopardy.

  • This type of beam angle is used to light up a large amount of area instead of highlighting any specific portion. Thus Flood Lights come with an ultra-wide-beam-angle which serves the purpose of lighting a vast expanse of the area otherwise not possible with other lights. 

  • Certifications: All the LED Flood Lights sold at LEDMyPlace are DLC certified making them eligible for rebates and incentives. DLC Stands for DesignLight Consortium which tests the product for performance and efficiency. 

  • The test process carried out by DLC is known as ‘Extract Transform Lead’. During this particular test, an LED Flood Light is tested for 50,000 hours of continuous operation. This test ensures that the LED light is of the finest quality and will be a lasting product.

    Apart from DLC, LED Flood Lights at LEDMyPlace also have a certification from Underwriters Laboratory. UL certificate is based on the safety of the Flood Light.  

    • Exceptional Color Rendering Index: Color Rendering Index or CRI, as it is commonly known, is the measure of how accurately the light source is rendering the color of an object. As a thumb rule, the higher the CRI, the better the quality of light. 

    Talking about quality, every LED Flood Light sold at LEDMyPlace has a CRI of more than 80%. This essentially means that the colors that are represented by the Flood Light, have an accuracy of more than 80%. 

    Next time you watch a big game in a stadium or feel safe while parking your car in a desolate parking lot, take a moment to appreciate the marvel that LED Flood Lights are and how they are transforming the nature of lighting options where Flood Lights are needed. 

    As the world progresses towards a more environmentally aware tomorrow, more and more commercial establishments where Flood Lights are a must, have already made the transition to LED Flood Lights. 

    Further, as the awareness for the awesomeness of LED FLood Lights will grow through this blogpost, hopes are that more people will adopt the next generation LED technology as their preferred option for Flood Lights. 

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