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Reasons Why Not Using LEDs For Warehouse Lighting is a Blunder

led warehouse lights
led warehouse lights
led warehouse lights
led warehouse lights

Warehouse lighting is not a straightforward procedure. It requires some key areas to look into. A while ago metal halides had all the monopoly over LED warehouse lighting. Then came the era of fluorescent lights which almost replaced them out of existence. 

Now LEDs are doing the same with fluorescent lights. LEDs are the new lighting kings that are replacing all the conventional LEDs at a much higher rate. High bay LED lighting is a collective term. There are many categories in this field. There are other factors that determine the type of Linear or UFO high bay lights.  

If you also want to know about what makes LEDs better choice over traditional lighting technologies, read along. 

LEDs are robust

LEDs that are used in the warehouses have IP ratings which shows that these lights can easily endure some shocks by impact and some moisture too.

 Some warehouses have different operating temperatures or are subjected to high to low temperatures. While fluorescent and other conventional lights are impacted too much by changing temperature cycles, and their life is reduced significantly. 

LEDs are also affected by high temperatures, but they work well at cold temperatures. They start getting impacted in temperatures of more than 80 Fahrenheit. 

LEDs provide high color temperature range

LEDs come with a higher range of color temperatures. Their color temperature varies from as low as 3000k to 6500 K, while most of the fluorescent and metal halides are limited to a maximum of 5000 K. Another advantage LEDs have here is that they give a higher color temperature range at 50%-80% lower energy consumption. 

Motion Sensor Feature

Some LED lights like High bay UFO LED come with motion sensor feature. This gives you the freedom to go away when you are not needed not to worry about any unwanted intrusion. The motion sensor feature detects any unwanted intrusion in case you are away, 

This also saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on security. 

Some LEDs are costly but rebate eligible 

There are many costly LEDs that come with features that would save you more money. These LED lights are DLC approved. Any DLC approved light would be rebate eligible. 

Some Additional Features

 Some LEDs even come with dusk to dawn sensors, which is not a gimmicky feature at all. It will often find its use in the warehouses where the owner might be interested in saving some bucks on electricity bills. 


LED warehouse lighting is the newer and the best solution for all your warehouse needs. They are powerful replacements to high-intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent, and metal halides as well. These durable lights are made of robust materials to give them a long life and come with 2-5 years of warranty.

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