Reasons Why There Is A Boom In Demand Of Solar LED Lights

Reasons Why There Is A Boom In Demand Of Solar LED Lights

As more and more people are becoming aware of the impact rapid industrialization is having on the planet, the need for an energy-efficient zero-emission source of energy is growing exponentially. 

For such customers who are looking for energy-efficient lighting apparatus, LED Solar Lights comes with double bonanza of having energy-efficient LED technology harnessing the power of the Sun. 

LED Solar Lights replace old traditional metal halide fixtures and provide relief to both your energy bills and your environmentally friendly conscious.  

Why should you choose LED over age-old lighting technologies   

If being outdated technology is not sufficient enough a reason for you to switch over to Solar LED Lights,  then we have a few more reasons for you to consider.

At the cusp of technological marvel, LEDs are soon becoming a household name when it comes to energy efficiency and longevity of the prod

Light Emitting Diodes, as these are called, are known for multiple reasons.

led solar lights

Let us have a detailed look at why LEDs are the 4th generation of lighting technology  

  • Energy Efficient: The biggest advantage of LED light hands down, is the capability of an LED to produce more light per watt than traditional lighting technologies such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting options. 

This is because LED loses much less energy as heat converting most of it into the light. This not only saves energy by less wastage but also saves the effort to dispel the heat generated which takes up more energy. 

  • Long-lasting: Incandescent bulbs last for 1000-2000 hours of operation, fluorescent bulbs take that time to 10,000 - 15,000 hours. These, however seemingly long, are dwarfed when one looks at the operating hours of LEDs. 

Continuously going for a whopping 50,000 hours, LEDs marathon for an unprecedented amount of time, saving the cost incurred maintenance and replacement. 

  • Eco-Friendly: Promising an energy saving of up to 70% LEDs has gradually penetrated through every segment, which is practically every avenue on the planet be it indoor lighting or outdoor. 

  • Estimated to cut global lighting energy intensity by 40% in the long run, this reduction in demand will directly result in lower emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

    The efficiency of LEDs, which already stands at 70%, is slated to further increase with more research in the technology thus having a scope of exponential impact on the rising global climate. 

    A report by the US Department of Energy projects that in the outdoor niche alone, LED technology may prevent the emission of almost 90 million metric tons of CO2 in the US.

  • The choice of colors: Carefully selected impurities produce a different kind of colors, using this knowledge, researchers were able to minutely control the output color of the LED according to the need. Thus LEDs, embedded with certain impurities can produce desired colors. 

  • An RGB LED with a diode of the Red, Green and Blue colors, can produce a whopping 16 million various hues of colors. 

    With a color rendering index going as high as 95 in premium LEDs, you can be absolutely sure that what you see is the truest possible color rendered by any technology anywhere in the world

  • Dimmable and sensors: Easily able to integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), LED lights are the only lighting options that can support accessories such as a dimmer and a Photocell. 

  • A dimmer uses the fact that a change in the voltage changes the intensity of the LED light, to allow the user to dim the luminescence of an LED Light.

    A photocell detects the amount of light in the surroundings and triggers the LED Solar light to operate from dusk to dawn without the need for manual intervention.

    Why Going Solar is a 21st Century choice 

    Solar energy needs no introduction at this juncture in time. With the rapid developments in the solar industry, the cost products harnessing solar energy has been gradually declining. This coupled with the LED technology has brought about some revolutionary results in the LED markets. 

    Here are some of the main beneficial features of having Solar LED Lights

  • 100% energy saving: Where on one hand the LED technology saves energy by running efficiently, the Solar part of these lights ensures that the saving is skyrocketed to 100%. 

  • With practically no cost of operation, these solar LED lights are a one-time investment and a lifetime of return which translates into a lot of money saved. 

    • In-built surge protector: Having an in-built surge protector these LED Solar lights stay protected from lightning strikes un unusual weather. The surge protector also prevents the led light from overheating resulting from a surge in voltage. 
    • Lithium-ion Battery: These LED Solar Light come with a lithium-ion battery to store the energy generated by the solar panel during the day. 

    Lithium-ion batteries provide a much longer useful life as compared to Lead batteries. These batteries are also safe as compared to batteries of the older technology.

    • IP67 rated: An ingress protection rating of 67 allows these LED Solar lights to be used in a situation where dust and moistures, including water, are a constant thing. This makes these led lights suitable for wet and damp conditions.   
  • Efficient control system: LED Solar lights to come with an efficient control system that enables these lights to intelligently charge, store and use up energy as and when needed. 
  • Along with a photocell in most of the solar lights, the need for a human intervention to control the light is excluded entirely. 

    The advantages of using LED solar lights are just starting to emerge and with technological advancements in the field, the scope and benefits that LED solar lights to offer are only slated to grow exponentially. 

    Expected to register a CAGR of 14.1%, Solar street light market is estimated to value at nearly $5.8 billion in 2019. 

    Different type of LED Solar Lights for you to choose from

    Many people have the misconception that an LED Solar Light can find its usees in outdoor settings. But that is not true. LED Solar lights can be used in both indoor or outdoor settings as per the need of the individual. For different purposes, there are distinct LED solar lights available in different luminosities and different wattages each serving its own unique function with its own set of advantages. 

    Outdoor LED Solar Lights

  • Street Lights: LED Solar lights find their purpose most commonly as a street light for the benefits of being Solar and being LED presents for space.  LED Solar street lights to come in four different wattage options of 20, 30, 40 and 60W. These lights have a 1P65 rating which ensures that these lights can be used flawlessly even in dusty, moist or damp conditions. These lights also come with a photocell which enables the light to auto-start and auto cut off when the program embedded into the photocell permits. 

  • Flood Lights: Ideal for stadiums, high rise buildings, and rooftops, Flood Lights using metal halide fixtures are basically energy suckers and shoot up your bills by 75% when compared to an LED fixture. Taking the saving a notch up, going solar will ensure that you don't ever have to pay another penny for your LED Solar Flood Lights. These solar flood lights come in three different wattages 15,30 and 60W. The lifespan of these LED lights is 50,000 hours of continues operation. 

  • Wall Packs: Wall packs are outdoor lightings which are installed on the entrances of buildings, pathways and such places Being LED and Solar means that you will not spend any money for the lighting source and therefore it is an ideal light for your exterior designing. Aesthetic designs ensure that these just do not save all your energy bills, but also look pleasing to your guests and visitors. 
  • Indoor LED Solar Lights

  • Batten Light: Having a solar panel the light separately, this kind of Solar lights can be installed indoor while their solar panel can be kept in the sun to recharge. These lights come in two different wattage options 12 and 36W and produce 4200 lumens. 

  • All in all, Solar technology merging with LED technology is one of the best things that has happened during the last decade in the lighting industry. The two biggest leaps in their own domains, LED solar lights are here to last for a long time. 

    This partnership is sure slated to go a long way as research in both of these has just scratched the surface and vast potential for development lie within these technologies which will not only result in further savings, but one day may result in grid-connected LED solar lights which will feed energy back into the grid

    The conversion rate for silicon-based solar panels have been gradually increasing and in a few years times, there will be solar panels which will convert 100% of the sunlight falling on its surface, into electricity

    The technological breakthrough achieved will take humans on a path of an environmentally conscious tomorrow while ensuring that the greenhouses gases that are heating up the planet, come down to a manageable level.

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