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Renaissance of Office Lighting

led office lighting
led office lighting
led office lighting
led office lighting

The renaissance of scientific temperament in connecting lighting to health, design, and productivity; will help SHINE the LED lighting industry from a different perspective. 

The concept of bad lighting in offices is not just personal taste, it’s a daily ergonomic issue. 

Here is a blog sharing light on LED Office Lighting

Health Alerts!

It is no news that “Lighting” plays an important role in our physical and mental health. In 2017, three Nobel Laureate presented their find on Molecular Mechanisms controlling the Circadian rhythms

Their work threw light on the previous researches, where it was said that when our body is optimally synchronized to natural lights our internal timekeepers behave in certain ways. Feeling hungry, sleepy, alert or energized at appropriate times is directly linked with lighting, the research shows. 

Poor lighting or excessive lighting can take a toll on the internal clock cycle, this doesn’t only disrupt the sleep cycle, it affects further.  On a small scale lack of concentration, contrarian moods can be seen. And with prolonged exposure to bad lighting, there are risks of depression, diabetes, and cancer. 

led office lights

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Dazzling Design Update:

Lighting is an important factor in ergonomics, and this part of the office design is often overlooked or sacrificed for styling. 

 The American Society of Interior  Design (ASID), conducted a study that indicated that 68% of employees complain about the lighting in their offices.  

Through their research, they established the positive effects of lighting design, and how it has helped in employee performance.

ASID CEO Randy Fiser, Hon. FASID, said, “The overall design of this space was driven by the research and data collected during pre-occupancy and its success is demonstrated through the post-occupancy data. ASID is committed to sharing updated evaluations as we continue to enhance our employee experience and improve workplace utilization.”

Dim lighting can strain your eyes and cause headaches, lowering productivity. It also leads to drowsiness and lack of focus. On the other hand, harsh lighting triggers a migraine. 

However good your office might look, it’s of no use if your employees are not happy. 

To create the perfect blend of visual accuracy and not-so-corporate ambiance you must look for LEDs that fit the demands of your office lighting. 

The Perspective Behind Productivity:

In order to create a creative and innovative work environment for your employees, you must follow the new lighting designs and standards for your office lighting. 

Offices and employees together create BRAND, then why not look into the details of ergonomics and lighting studies to ensure and optimize productivity. 

Here is a US Workplace Survey, 2016, by the Gensler an architecture firm, where they uncover a statistical link between the quality and functionality of the workplace to the designing of the offices. 

The survey was conducted on more than 4000 employees across 11 industries. Gensler the world’s largest architecture and design company, concludes after this survey that innovation thrives more in companies that provide their employees with workspaces that have appealing ambiance. 

“We are seeing that workplace design is a critical part of truly innovative companies’ success. On average, employees at innovative companies have better-designed, more functional workspaces that unlock creative potential,” says Diane Hoskins, Co-CEO at Gensler. “Employees truly flourish when they have room to not only collaborate but also have space to focus, and are empowered to work when and how they work best—both within their workplace and in other locations outside it.”

Through all these researches and surveys now we can rest assure that lighting does have a positive and negative effect on our lives. And we can not overlook this anymore.

The newest LED technology provides with all the measures and features required to strike out bad lighting from office spaces. LED Office lights such as Panels, Troffers, Downlights are various LED products that you can use for your offices. 

A Happy Workplace is a Growing Workplace!

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