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School, Spending $106.5 Million for LED Up-Gradation!

School, Spending $106.5 Million for LED Up-Gradation!
School, Spending $106.5 Million for LED Up-Gradation!
School, Spending $106.5 Million for LED Up-Gradation!
School, Spending $106.5 Million for LED Up-Gradation!

Amidst the darkest hour, schools must go along meditating through the problems and working hand in hand to upgrade its school campus. Such is the story of Carmel Clay Schools; it has started with several projects, including the expansion of the Carmel High School performing arts facilities, a new natatorium, and upgrades to several athletic facilities. The school is estimating an expense of $106.5 million in bonds for several projects.

The school is proposing an overall makeover of the school, Roger McMichael, CCS assistant Supt. for business affairs, said the projects are needed to maintain the school’s public property responsibly. He said delaying them would likely lead to costly maintenance and repairs.

The school assures that they are not expecting the projects to lead to an increase in the tax rate. Repayment of the bonds would begin in 2022, and they are getting scheduled to get paid off within eight years.

“We would hope that the economy would begin to recover by then and certainly well before these projects would get paid off,” McMichael said.

A significant amount is being spent on lighting stadiums and other school alleys for security and bright lighting purpose. The school decides upon a major modification of the area. LED Parking Lot lights will be installed in a large number expecting a higher return. 

led parking lot lights

Let us get into the details of the lighting up-gradation.

Athletic upgrades

Carmel Clay School is proposing spending nearly $19 million to upgrade several athletic facilities.

The CHS football stadium, which opened in 1991, needs improvements that include a new upgrading to LED Stadium Lighting, and renovating existing restrooms, and locker rooms. The school is expecting for these projects to be constructed between February and June 2023.

The Murray Soccer Stadium is used for soccer and lacrosse; proposed upgrades include adding permanent bleachers at the south end of the field, upgrading to LED lighting, and extending the end zone net for lacrosse. All these constructions are getting planned for the summer of 2021.

Upgrading of the Hartman Field Baseball Complex will include installing artificial turf on the varsity field, upgrading to LED lights, all the constructions are being expected to start between June and October 2021.

The school also shares that the funding will be made per state law, the projects will be funded through local property taxes, which is a much more stable method than other forms of taxes, especially during a crisis. All the funding for teachers comes from the state primarily through sales and income taxes.

Other CHS projects

Other additional projects at CHS include a new 84-space parking lot off of the school’s main drive just south of Smoky Row Road, upgrading the parking with LED Security Lights, replacing seats in the planetarium, and replacing chillers and boilers. All of these upgradations are expected to be completed by 2022. 

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