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Should I Replace Fluorescent Light With LED Tube lights?

Should I Replace Fluorescent Light With LED Tube lights?
Should I Replace Fluorescent Light With LED Tube lights?
Should I Replace Fluorescent Light With LED Tube lights?
Should I Replace Fluorescent Light With LED Tube lights?

For years, lighting indoor commercial spaces in an enhanced way bit difficult as the available fluorescent lights or halogen lights were not that much capable to lighten the entire place effectively. Then came the LED Tube lights that were liked by people for so many good reasons, these lights have better quality light output, and till today are the most efficient light sources available. 

How to Install LED tube lights in a fixture with conventional ballast

Type A LED tubes need an existing electronic ballast to operate and in case you have an T8 electronic ballasts, then installing becomes much easy. You just need to remove the existing T8 fluorescent lamp and install a new T8 LED Type A lamp over there. 

  • First of all remove the fluorescent tube then remove the starter.
  • Now insert the LED starter over there following by installing a new LED tube.
  • Post installing the LEDs at the appropriate place, you will start receiving an enhanced level of illumination helpful in creating a beautiful indoor ambience.
  • The LED tube has an integrated drive that can work well with the existing fluorescent ballast, you just have to take out the old fluorescent tubes and insert this LED over there and you are done. 

This is the easiest and safest way to make modifications, but you need to make sure that the ballast is compatible with the LED tubes that you have installed at the indoor place. 

How to Install LED tube lights by Bypassing the Existing Fluorescent Ballast 

Type B LED Tube lights need the ballasts to be removed from the existing light fixture and the power should be wired directly to the sockets. This way the loss of power can be reduced to the minimum making them much more efficient than Type A bulbs.

  • In case the LED tube lights that you have purchased have bypass then you need to bypass ballast and need to directly wire the lines into the line voltage. 
  • For making direct wiring of the LED tube, you can either remove the ballast or bypass the ballast. 
  • Just make sure that you remove the shunted sockets, in case you don’t have the non-shunted sockets as the T8 LED tubes can only with non-shuntd sockets. 

The best thing about ballast bypass LED tubes is that the customers don’t have to stress about the failure of the ballast and hence there no maintenance or replacement charges which previously you need to pay while using the traditionally styled lights. 

Hybrid LED Tube Replacements

This is the third type of LED tube lights that can work with and without ballast as well, you have the option of replacing your fluorescent tubes with these hybrid LED tubes. These tubes work with T8 electronic ballast and can also be wired directly to the voltage line thus giving more replacement options to the property owners. 

LEDMYplace top Frequently Asked Questions about LED Technology and Fixtures

  1. How much I can save by using LED tube lights?

All the LED lights and bulbs are lighting options that are designed to replace incandescent, fluorescent, CFL, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and halogen lights inside commercial and residential places. By using these lights, you can have at least 75% energy saving depending on the light you choose. 

  1. Are LED tube lights hazardous?

Absolutely No, LED bulbs don’t contain mercury or any other hazardous metals such as chemicals that otherwise are responsible for polluting the environment and are found in CFL’s and fluorescent lights. 

  1. What color temperatures are available with LED lights?

Color temperature for light bulbs is measured in Kelvin scale and these lights come in a variety of colour temperature options to choose from. 

  • 2700-3200 – WW – Warm White
  • 4000-4500 – NW – Natural White
  • 5000-5500 – DW – Day White
  • 6500-7500 – CW – Cool White
  1. How to solve frequent burning out of light bulbs

The LED bulbs don’t burn out immediately but if the light bulbs burn out too often, then you need to whether your issue falls under the beneath category:

  • High wattage
  • Insulation is near to light
  • Poor wiring on circuit and mains
  • More wattage on a dimmer switch
The LED tube lights are the safest indoor lighting products and if you are also planning to replace them with the existing tubes then you can contact LEDMyplace and we will reach to you at the earliest. Safety is something which cannot be compromised at all, switch to the most trusted brand in indoor and outdoor lighting products and enjoy a safer and more illuminated world.
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