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How To Pick Sleek And Slim LED Panel Lights?

How To Pick Sleek And Slim LED Panel Lights?
How To Pick Sleek And Slim LED Panel Lights?
How To Pick Sleek And Slim LED Panel Lights?
How To Pick Sleek And Slim LED Panel Lights?

LED Panel Lights are sober lights found near reception area, meeting rooms and medical institutions. 

The Brightness of the panel lights

Replacing your existing lights with integral panel lights is an easy way to enjoy significant saving on earth. Integral panels have sharp brightness which doesn’t pierce your eyes and that is what makes them suitable lighting fixture.   

Size of the panel lights

No one but you know, the size you are looking for panel lights. Once an old fixture is removed, it does not take much time to pick panel lights. Before buying panel lights, it’s better if you have words with lighting engineer as he only knows whether LED Panels are surface mounted on to a suitable substrate or recessed fitted into the plastic ceiling. 

Power in Panel Lights

When you install traditional lights, 40% light get wasted in the fixture, whereas when you use LED panel lights, it delivers a wider beam angle with more usable light. Traditional panel light uses 600x600 

Efficacy in panel lights

Integral LED Panels use the latest technology to deliver ultra efficiency and high light output. There is no doubt when you install panel lights, you save good money on power consumption. 

Lumen in panel lights

Before buying lights check lumen per watt rating. LED Panel with 3600 lumen output and 45-watt power rating would have 80 lumens per watt rating. 

Dimming in panel lights

LED Panels come with a non-dimmable driver. In case you need dimming function you need to replace the current driver suitable dimmable driver. 

The Temperature in panel lights

The color temperature tells, how the light from the panel will appear. This light comes in three color temperatures viz. 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. Its cool white temperature is perfect for offices, schools and retail, and warm white is perfect for nursing homes and hospitals.

Beam angle in panel lights

Normal LED Panel Lights have 40-60 degree beam angle, whereas LED Panel Lights have 120-degree angle, which helps in better distribution of lights. 

How are you going to install panel lights?

These lights have become popular as they offer a uniform and harmonious lighting environment. They are also popular because 

they are powered by low voltage drivers. LED Panel Lights could be installed in four ways. Built-in, Recessed, Mounted or Suspended. If we talk about Built-in and Recessed, they offer the sleeker look, although later provides subdue lighting. Mounted lights highlight style of the fixture, while the suspended installation is required for chandeliers.

Step one for installation: Before installing LED Panel lights, go through the manual which talks about these lights. Once you go through the manual, it will become easy for you to make a decision and that’s not all, you also have an idea about modus-operandi

Step two for installation:  The second step is, searching the place, like where you want to install LED Panel Lights. Frankly, only you know, where you want to install these lights. The best place is to mount it where it seems closer to a power socket. Now let us know how these lights can be installed. 


Install the accessories to the panel lights. Use screws to fix the four hanging cables onto the roof. Make sure that the cables are adjusted so that the LED panel is horizontally aligned.

Ceiling Mounted

Fasten the clip on the place where the panel light is installed, such as the ceiling; Screw the other clip to the panel. 


Remove old lights; Choose the replacement that fits exactly in the grid; To ensure safety we suggest use screws to fix the four hanging cables. 


Screw the brackets onto the panel in the right position by four pieces of  countersunk head screws, and make sure they’re tight. Drill hole in the ceiling in accordance with the size of the bracket, then put the bulge plugin. And finally, use the countersunk head tapping screws to fasten the panel.

Spring clips

Put the spring onto the clip; Screw the other side of clip onto panel light through the ring. And recess the panel into the hole in the ceiling. 

How long this light will function properly?

LED Lights function depends upon heat sink technology. Heat sink affects the life of LED light. Now let us go through factors which affect sink performance.  

Size of the heat sink- You can increase sink’s surface area by   increasing number of fins in the sink or by increasing the size of the sink.

Finishing surface of the sink- If a heat sink is with a painted surface the effect will be more pronounced. 

The material of the sink- This one is the most important thing that affects the performance of the sink. The material of the sink plays an instrumental role in determining the efficiency of the sink. Many of you might not know, the thermal conductivity of material directly affects dissipation. Copper is considered a good conductor of heat, the only problem is, it is very expensive. If we talk about stainless steel, this metal does not corrode, the problem is, it isn’t a good conductor of electricity. Thereby it is not a good choice.

How these lights impart beautiful looks to offices, hospitals, dental clinics, and other places. 


Workstations have become more like fun zone than a serious working destination. Not many of you have noticed, designer furniture, exquisite false ceiling, and awe-inspiring lighting play a crucial role in making workstations the most beautiful place after your home.  

Previously plain LED tubes were installed in workstations  nowadays you cannot imagine workstations without suave panel lights. Available in various denominations viz. 2x2, 2x4, these lights have redefined workstations.

Medical Institutions

If we talk about contemporary hospitals, they have transformed beyond expectations, nowadays reception zone doesn’t wear serious look, rather resplendent drapes, fashionable furniture, and aesthetic LED Panel Lights, have made these places worth visiting. 

One can easily find LED Panel lights in the hospital’s lobby too. In  hospitals, lobby is the one place where patients wait for their turn. Wait needs a lot of patience, high beam lights can put an adverse effect on patients health and mood, so panel lights are considered best for the patients. 

Educational Institutions

LED Panel Lights can be seen in the principal room or a conference hall or a meeting room. In the classroom teachers prefers LED tubes but for conference hall, every vote goes to LED panel lights.


In present times, offices have evolved. Sky touching buildings have hundreds of offices. There are elevators for each floor and each of the floors has an individual ceiling with LED lights.


The cafeteria is one place where employees get the energy to take on the day. Some 50 years ago, these cafeterias had simple lights, nowadays they have dedicated LED Panel lights. These lights not only make surroundings tranquil and peaceful but also leaves a soothing effect on nerves.    

Energy Saving

The best lights not only have excellent luminous but they also save a lot of energy. When you install LED panel lights in walkways, sports clubs, and restaurants, you effortlessly save more than 75% energy.   


LED Panel lights are environment-friendly, and that’s why entrepreneurs who care for environment prefer these lights. Panel lights don’t have poisonous chemicals like Mercury and Cadmium and this makes them an ideal lighting fixture. In the present times, when the world is passing through a lot of natural calamities and companies have established a separate department that intersperses use of environment-friendly goods, in such a scenario these lights are no lesser than a blessing. 


LED Panel lights perfectly go with the new era. When the world is fighting with the scarcity of energy, finding a light which is not only dimmable, but also energy saver is no less than a giant leap. Many people know about the advantages of these lights, there is section, which does not know much about these lights, if you are one of those, who are searching for more information on these lights, then go o our home page and explore the varieties of lighting appliances.

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