Start Using LED Tube Instead of These Listed Lighting Fixtures

We live in the generation where most of the people have already switched to the smart appliances such as smartphone, smart television, smart air conditioner, LED tubes, and many appliances to make our lives easier. We have rolled our life in the surroundings of latest inventions but still, there is some population who are using traditional lights and electronic appliances.

Well, after the LED lighting technology has highlighted so many places. It is also a part in a city development but most of the rural area are still far away from this invention.

Life is growth, if we stop growing technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead - Morihei Ueshiba.

There are some light sources that have been used in a rural area such as:

  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Halogen Bulbs
  • CFLs
  • Filament Lamps

These are the lighting fixtures that have been still using in rural areas.


Well, these tubes are quite costly then any other mentioned light sources. However, they consume high wattage to operate and comes with a very low lifespan. It flicks a lot while turning on and could also make humming and buzzing noise.

led tubes

Whereas, LED Tubes work on low wattage consumption which leads to saving lower utility bills and comes with the 50,000 hours lifespan. It instantly turns on and doesn’t make any noise while turning on.


They have a slim and sleek glass body which could easily break along with that it heats up instantly and can be dangerous to touch when turned on. The maximum life of this light source is 2,000 hours which is not worth to invest. In the residential space of a rural area, most of the houses do have this bulb to illuminate their space.

If they switch to TB LED Tubes, they are shatterproof lighting fixtures that don’t break after fell down.


These are quite a dangerous lighting fixture because it contains a hazardous component including in the light beam. Along with that, it has blurry and yellowish lighting output. However, they are cheap in price but they end up at high utility bi

By making a small switch to LED Tubes, they could lead to reducing energy consumption and saves 75% on lighting bills.


They could be an ideal lighting fixture at the first but after some time, they get slow in turning on and get dim after some time. To get the constant lighting quality including instant turning on, you should install T8 LED Tube.

We are saying to make a huge step towards saving but this small switch could lead you to get quality lighting at low wattage consumption.

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