The Complete and Comprehensive Understanding of LED Downlights

led downlights

Being the owner of your house, you decide what you choose, how you built, what lighting you use etc. Each of these decisions is made after a careful assessment of each prospect with a keen focus on details. In this regard, here is what you should know about LED Downlights in order to make the right lighting choice.

While choosing the right lighting option for your indoor applications, what are the factors which you will consider? The brightness of light? Efficiency? Lifespan? If you consider these to be an important criteria for deciding on your indoor lights, then it will be difficult for you to ignore LED downlights.

Giving your home a stylish and glamorous look, these LED downlights will ensure that your home becomes a centre of attractions amongst your friends. Before we dive into why downlights a beloved amongst interior designers, let us have a look at the promise LEDs offer.

Reasons why LEDs are leading the lighting race

LEDs, or light emitting diodes are the fourth generation of lighting technology and is the most advanced till date. Offering unmatched performance indicators, these lights not just last long, but satisfactorily last longer then you would expect.

‘Led’ us look at some of the prominent features of these LED lights 

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is one of the biggest parameters today when judging the performance indicator of any technology whatsoever. When it comes to LEDs, this number is blown off the charts. 

  • Have you ever accidentally touched a lit incandescent or fluorescent bulb? It wasn’t a pleasant experience, we know! How do we know? Because these lighting technologies converted merely 25% of the electricity consumed into light, the rest 75%, you guessed it right, was converted into heat. ‘

    Now when it comes to LED lights, this energy conversion skyrockets to 95%. No we are not kidding! With just 5% of the electricity converted into heat, LEDs surpass every benchmark of efficiency that was ever set.  

    led downlight dimmable

    This beyond-belief efficiency also means that a lower power LED light should replace higher power conventional fixture. This directly results in lower power consumption from the grid thus ultimate;ly helping curb global warming by demanding less fossil-generated electricity.

  • Long lasting: The longevity of a lighting equipment depends upon the time it has been tested for. Traditional lighting equipment were tested for 1500 hours. If you think that’s enough, compare that with a massive 50,000 hours LED lights have been tested for. 

  • It is because of this rigorous testing that LEDs last for about 5.7 years if used 24 hours a day. This long enduring performance means that there will be no need for you replace your lightings for a fairly long time. 

  • Colors that are true: With a color rendering index of 80, LEDs render colors that are close to the colors rendered by daylight thus revealing the true nature of things as they truly are.

  • High beam angle: LEDs have a high beam angle because of their shape and design which illuminates a wide area.

  • Dimmable: LED lights are the only form of lighting out there which can be dimmed on a scale of 0-10. The dimming function is achieved by a dimmer which fluctuates the voltage and increases or decreases the luminosity of the light. 

  • Now that we know why choosing LED is the right choice, let us have a look at various kinds of LED downlights and their features.

    What are the different types of LED Downlights available

    Based on design and configuration, there are multiple different types of LED downlights available. We will now have a close look at each of them and will also look at the various features of each of these dimmable LED downlights.

  • LED Baffle downlight: The Baffle Downlight is a suitable candidate for a variety of indoor lighting needs. It comes in two variants, one being a 4 inch downlight of 8 watts and the other being a ⅚ inches 15 watts downlight.

  • These downlights are dimmable therefore the lumen output of these Downlights can be controlled with a dimmer. These lights come with an E26 base which means that the light can be easily plug-in your existing fixture. 

  • LED square downlights: These fancy lights have the same features such as baffle downlight. The only difference is of shape. The light is available in square shape and are a great under-ceiling lighting fixture. 
  • LED square downlights

    These lights are also dimmable and have a high CRI of 90+. These lights are available in two specifications , 4 inches version which is watts and a ⅚ version which is available in 12 watts range. This easy to install LED light also has an E26 base which can plugged in to your previous socket

    • LED Eyeball downlight:: These are just like any other dimmable LED downlights but with a design twist. Literally!

    These LED downlights have a head which can be tilted across its axis to direct the light beam to the required area. The head can be tilted in either direction and provides quite some utility where focus light is required. .

    This light is available in 4 inches which is 2 variant, the 4 inches one being 10 watts and the other being a ⅚ model of 15 watts energy consumption. , 

  • LED Disk Downlight: These lights, unlike other Downlights go over the ceiling with the help of a recess. Resembling a disk, this downlight  gives ultra wide beam angle and crystal sharp rendering of colors. 

  • This product is available in 4 inches and ⅚ inches having a capacity of 10 and15 watts respectively

  • LED Baffle Downlight With Junction Box: These downlights are like other downlights but are bigger and have an additional junction box. This downlight is suitable for places where electricity is not regular and keeps on fluctuating. 

  • This downlight is bigger than other downlights and is available in 8 and 10 inches size having a capacity of 30 and 40 watts respectively. 

    Bigger in size and having more capacity, this downlight is used where extra lighting is needed. 

    LED Downlights are a fancy way to light up your home, office, restaurant and other such indoor places. Appropriate lighting, dimming functionality and other such features make downlights a preferred choice for indoor lighting needs.

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