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The Major Requirements That LED Stadium Lights Must Have?

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led flood lights ledmyplace
led flood lights ledmyplace
led flood lights ledmyplace

In this advanced era, the lighting requirements of stadiums have exceeded their requirements. LED stadium lights managed all the requirements extremely well and continued completing the needs. A stadium is a place where proper brightness is a must for better visibility. In addition, a stadium is a place where most games are played at night, and lighting has a significant role to play. Before confirming any lighting fixture for stadium lighting, you must consider some major factors that can fulfill your requirements. This consideration will help you perfectly illuminate your stadium without paying any additional cost for the same result. 

Lux requirement for different stadiums

The perfect illumination of the stadium is important as players need proper visibility with the brightest lighting to play efficiently. LED flood lights are one of the best lighting fixtures mostly used when it comes to LED stadium lights. It is simple to understand that the best illumination in the stadium is a must for spectators, players, cameras, etc. The standard of lux varies according to the televised and non-televised competition. If we take an example of a football stadium, then the field has the most elevated standard of 2500 lux for vertical face and 3500 lux for horizontal. The given below chart will help you to understand the lux requirements as per different stadiums.

led flood lights

Uniform standard of LED stadium lights

The uniformity standard of LED stadium lights is another major aspect that you have to consider for better lighting experience. The installation way of LED lights is not the same in different stadiums. As per the requirement of the stadiums, the uniformity standard is also diverse. This is because illuminating every place with the same amount of lux is not ideal as some stadiums may be small and some may be large. So, you need to find out the amount of lux needed to illuminate your stadium without leaving any dark spots.

Apt Color Temperature

Apt Color Temperature

Correlated color temperature or CCT is the nature of light that emits from a light source. It is one of the most important points in LED stadium lights because the CCT requirement of a stadium ranges from 4000K to 5700K. Along with this, the color temperature ranging from 5000K to 6000K is the most suitable option for stadium lighting because it can disperse cool white light for more pleasing visibility. Consider that the lighting fixture you are going to choose for your stadium has an apt color temperature to fulfill your lighting requirements.


The above-mentioned three major requirements are the basic need of every stadium to select a perfect lighting fixture. LED stadium lights need to work efficiently to illuminate the entire place for adequate visibility. Along with this, the light fixture can also create the desired atmosphere with the color temperature you choose. So, illuminate your stadium with the best lighting fixture that meets all your lighting requirements and gives the finest result.

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