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Things To Consider Before Buying LED Bulbs

Things To Consider Before Buying LED Bulbs
Things To Consider Before Buying LED Bulbs
Things To Consider Before Buying LED Bulbs
Things To Consider Before Buying LED Bulbs

Many of you love your smartphone which is worth as well, they come with infinite advantages, the fast operating system with the long battery back-up, portable, and much more. The main reason behind this statement that you can invest your money on smartphones but why not with smart lighting.

As you inspect about the smartphone while purchasing it, here is our other blog on some suggestions which would help you to make a switch to smart LED Bulbs.

Before you go for the hunt for smart lighting, there are some things you need to know.

  • Lumens, not watts
  • Right color
  • Thermostat
  • Sockets

Lumens, Not Watts

Forget wattage and prefer lumens. Why? What's wrong with wattage?

After the latest LED lighting technology, it’s prime time to say goodbye to conventional bulbs and whatever you know about them.

We are might sure the first thing you look for the lighting fixture is wattage. We want to ask, Why? Are you one of them who relate wattage with brightness. Well, give us the honor to clear the myth.

Wattage doesn’t indicate the brightness then, how to measure the brightness? It’s “Lumens” higher the lumen output the more brightest illumination you’ll get.

led bulbs

For example, if you use 60W conventional bulb you’ll get 450-lumen output whereas 6.5W LED bulb offers 500-lumen output. Now you are smart enough to make a wise decision.

Right Color

Don’t let the incandescent bulb decide the hue you want.

LED Bulbs allow you to decide the color of light. You can see by your own that there are only a few shades available in incandescent bulbs. However, smart lighting bulbs offer warm white, natural white, day white, and cool white color shades.

If we talk in a technical language, the color of light (Color temperature) is measured in Kelvin. The lower the Kelvin, the more yellowish light you would get whereas the higher the Kelvin the more spontaneous and brighter light you would receive.


Say “NO” to a lighting fixture which heat-up quickly.

We can understand that you have been habitual of the lighting fixtures that get heat-up after the long operation hours but not anymore.

A smart thermostat program can automatically reduce the heating and make LED Bulbs cool even when you are away or sleeping. Heating light fixtures are the main cause of your costly utility bills.

Well, what if we say that you can reduce your utility bills by 75%.

Then it’s a big YES!!! LED Bulbs can reduce your lighting bills which means you don’t need to pay high-cost bills now. Although energy efficient LED Bulbs are bit costly but look at the bright side, you can save money in the future so there is no pain to invest your money for once.

Wrapping Up

Now, you probably know that LED bulbs are more convenient than incandescent and conventional cousins. After reading this article, we are quite sure that you wouldn’t ask for the wattage while purchasing a lighting fixture.

Don’t keep this information to yourself only, share it with your friends and aware them about the latest energy-efficient technology.

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