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Things to Focus on for Choosing the Best LED Parking Lot Lights!

Things to Focus on for Choosing the Best LED Parking Lot Lights!
Things to Focus on for Choosing the Best LED Parking Lot Lights!
Things to Focus on for Choosing the Best LED Parking Lot Lights!
Things to Focus on for Choosing the Best LED Parking Lot Lights!


Some basic questions you should focus on while looking for suitable LED parking lot lights.

  • Which suitable commercial LED parking lot lights should you prefer?
  • How tall should the height of your pole be?
  • How many foot candles are required for illuminating the parking premise?
  • Are solar LED parking lot lights a better lighting alternative?
  • What is the appropriate distance one should maintain between the parking lot lighting fixtures?
  • How is the parking premise designed?

What are the preferred parking lot lights?

There are several lighting fixtures available in the market that are eligible for illuminating the parking premises. However, LED is considered to be the prominent and most suitable lighting alternative. The popularity of LED parking lot lights has increased in recent years as they are available with several amazing features promoting the durability and longevity of the fixtures. Furthermore, LED-supported parking lot lights have a low maintenance cost, are energy efficient, and are environmentally friendly.

Nowadays, technology has upgraded, and the parking lot lighting fixtures are evolved with better and more efficient concerns. Like the solar LED parking lot light is helpful from an energy-saving standpoint.

Earlier, HID lamps were used for parking lot lights as they were the prominent lighting option at that time. However, they were just serving their lighting purpose. Other than that, there is nothing beneficial about these lights. In fact, they contain harmful components and gasses that prove to be hazardous to the environment. Here are some common issues with HID lamps:

  • HID lamps turn out to be quite expensive as they have a high maintenance cost.
  • They consume much energy that directly reflects on the power consumption bills.
  • Their lighting performance is not appropriate from a longevity standpoint.

Although the upgraded HID lamps are more focused on an efficient approach. These are high-pressure sodium lamps that don’t contain mercury. It is one of the trouble-causing agents for the environment.

Moreover, the previous metal halide lamps used to give a bright white illumination that tends to degrade over time. This results in a more pale light that eventually dims to almost nil. Whereas the newer metal halides don’t seem to possess this issue with their lighting performance. But, compared to LED parking lot lights, these upgraded metal halides are still insufficient.

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Recommended traits for LED parking lot lights

There are 3 major traits that one must focus on while looking for suitable parking lot lights.

  • Premise design - Considering the structure, area, and design of the parking premises is a must while looking for suitable parking lot lighting fixtures. This can help you estimate the numbers and types of fixtures you will require. For instance, a comprehensive open location will require more LED pole lights than wall pack lights.
  • Efficiency - It is important that you pay attention to the efficiency of your preferred lights. They should be energy efficient and contain several efficient features that promote their performance and longevity.
  • Quality of the light - Every light you will pick should be of the best quality. This is because they reflect how well the lights will work without causing you any maintenance-related troubles.

Thus, a parking premise is comprised of several types of lights. It depends on their area dimensions and the way you want to set the lights to create an appropriate visibility scenario. Opting for high color temperature lights can surely help but if you plan to set the lights closer, go easy on the CCT of lights that are supposed to go nearby.

Required features for commercial parking lot lights

There are several things that indicate whether the lights are suitable for your commercial parking lot premises or not. You need to pay attention to these required points prior to choosing one.

  • The light must have an excellent illumination reach.
  • They should be ideal for creating a safe and sound parking space.
  • Opt for lights that are cost-effective and efficient.
  • Don’t go for a massive parking lot lighting fixture.
  • The lights should be easy to install ad don’t require any additional construction work.
  • The lights should support a suitable IP rating to retain harsh weather conditions.
  • They should be ideal for enhancing illumination during the dark.
  • The fixtures must be long-lasting to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

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What is the recommended distance between LED parking lot lights?

Every parking lot premise is different from one another. Depending on the area dimensions, you should evaluate how high and apart you should place the parking lot light. 

For a basic light, the average height that is recommended for placing LED pole lights and other parking lot lighting is 15-20 feet, and the average recommended gap between two fixtures is 20 feet.

On the other hand, if you are opting for the high lumen intensity lighting fixtures, you can most certainly prefer placing them at a 30 feet height. Simultaneously, the distance between each fixture should be maintained for about 30-40 feet.

Furthermore, don’t go overboard with your LED pole lights if you are looking for a more spacious and attractive-looking parking premise. In addition, lights mounted on the poles are comparatively harder to maintain.

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