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Things you must know about elegant strip lights

led strip lights
led strip lights
led strip lights
led strip lights

Without beautiful strip lights, celebrations and parties are incomplete. When one puts them on handrail or indoor stairs or in the kitchen, these lights talk about auspicious events like marriage anniversary or birthday celebrations or a job in a multinational company. One can’t use any strip light for special purpose, you pick colours according to the place like warm white is perfect for suave rooms.   

Myriad size LED strip lights are available in the market, but one should keep a few things in mind while using them.

  • At each cut point of this light, there is a line with copper solder pads, this makes connecting strips together or connecting them to different parts of home quite easy
  • LED strip lights have 3M adhesive backing for simple mounting options.
  • LED strip lights are not limited to indoor projects. The waterproof lights come with IP65 option, which protects strip from dust and moisture.
  • Density of LED strip light tells about the number of LED’s per meter. The standard density of LED’s is 30 LED’s per meter, whereas high density has 60 LED’s per meter.
  • Strips are labeled lumen per meter. In order to find out the total lumen output, just find how many meters it will be running.  

Now let us talk about various versions of LED Strip Light

RGB Multicolor, UV and White CCT Range

RGB Multicolor

RGB lights are great for accent lighting. These strips show red, green and blue diodes. When these three colours play on the strip, the effect is spell bounding.  

UV lights

This one is great for UV applications or for making your own light.

led strip lights

White CCT

The temperature rating of lights affects what the light looks like.




Warm white lights are used for cozy rooms, Natural white lights are best for under cabinet lighting. Cool White colour is used for kitchens, washrooms, and kitchens


Pristine LED Strip lights make the occasion special or you can say you announce your happiness to the world by picking beautiful LED strip lights. These lights come in various colors, so you should know which colour makes moments special. Installing these lights is an art, so you should know how to stick them so that they won’t appear incongruous.     

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