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Turnable White LED Strip Lights - Choose The Perfect Color For You

Turnable White LED Strip Lights
Turnable White LED Strip Lights
Turnable White LED Strip Lights
Turnable White LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a trending fixture for both residential and commercial areas. The ability to control the lighting can greatly impact the mood and atmosphere of your building. Tunable white light provides the ability to change the lighting based on the time of the day or situations. As a result, lighting plays an important role in offices, homes, and other businesses.  

You may have heard strip lights from other terms such as dim to warm, variable white lighting, custom temperature, hybrid/dynamic white. It comes with the ability to control the color temperature of the lighting. Tunable LED Strip lights are made by manufacturing the illumination source with different LED color temperatures. A remote or external control system allows the user to choose the desired color temperature and change it. 

Everything about LED Strip Lights color Temperature.

Have you ever seen terms like warm or cool, bright or soft whites, daylight or natural on the box of bulbs or in any store? These names are labeled to explain the color temperatures that are illuminated from the bulbs. You can see these names all over the board, and some use this for marketing too. For example, CCT is also called correlated color temperature.  

The color temperature of the LED lights is denoted as degrees Kelvin(K). The rating of the color temperature directly correlates to how the lighting will appear to us. Generally, LEDs lights are found in the range of 2700K-6500K. The 2700-3000K low color temperatures range is called “warm light”. The warm white temperature looks more yellow or orange, which offers a similar color to incandescent or traditional halogen bulb throws. As the Kelvin degrees increase, the color temperature will change from yellow, yellowish-white, to natural white color(4000K) and then to a cooler white, like blue tone(6500K), also known as cool white temperature. 

CCT - led strip lights

Tunable White LED Strip Light = Color Mixing. 

RGB light is a common term in LED lighting for changing light’s color. RGB light is a color mix of Red, Green and Blue LEDs to deliver different colors across the spectrum. Tunable white LED strip light works in the same way, and it just uses the white color temperatures to control the shade of LED lights from warm to cool tone. 

Similar to other lighting fixtures, the tunable white strip lighting system has different levels of sophistication and quality; thus, understanding the lighting requirement is essential.

Simple Tunable White LED strip light – Dual Channel.

Simple white tuning lighting will cross-dim between the mix of cool and warm white LEDs. Typically there will be a mix of two channels, closer to 2700K and other LED channels closer to 6000K-6500K. These are generally packed tightly together with a diffuser over them to help in the mixing of color as the light goes through. This is a simple and safe method of tunable strip white lighting; however, it is for basic products and doesn’t provide the best quality light. 

Excellent Multi-chips quality lighting — Mixing at the Chip Level.

Nowadays, most tunable LED strip lights use “multiple chips” that connect several small LED chips into a single module. Mixing of the colors in Multi-chips tunable lights happens before leaving the source right at the module. Multi-chip systems have an excellent performance lighting alternative to dual-channel LED strip light. 

CCT - LED  Strip Lights

Lighting Quality Matters — Color Rendering Index

One of the biggest fusses in the lighting industry is how white light shows surface colors. Although color rendering quality is essential, even tunable white lights are not exempted from this issue. All manufacturers will promote excellent performance at their level, but the colors are not mixed well. 

It is necessary to only go for manufacturers who offer the highest quality color rendering. Many industry leader lighting companies are trying to work with tunable white lighting to reach the sunlight color index; however, there are products available that have come upto 90% but not a complete 100%. The color rendering index shows the true or actual color of the object for better clarity and visibility. The higher the color rendering is, the better colors the product will look. 

There is a dark iron metal in the lighting called Blackbody line(BBL). It glows whenever heated up to the color temperature. In LED lights, it needs to stay as close to the BBL. 

Different Range Color Temperatures

Pay attention to the white light ranges offered by the manufacturer. Thus, some systems provide a wide range that shifts from standard light to daylight; others function in a small range, such as 2700-4000K. Shorter range lights are mainly for decorative purposes, Although a full range of natural lights are made for people to take advantage of the below-mentioned benefits. 

Some Benefits of Tunable White Lighting

There are numerous reasons for changing the light in your office, home, or other commercial spaces. With the new features or options available to control or throw better lighting, many owners have been looking for these features to some extent. Although these are convenient benefits, here are some more beneficial key areas: 

Improved Design

Increased Productivity

Your Health – Color temperature changeable to reduce eye strain

CCT - LED Strip lights

Circadian Rhythm control via Light Manipulation

Our body function in a way, it naturally knows when to sleep and wake up. Circadian rhythm is our body’s clock. In addition, Bodies have their own rhythm that directs eating patterns, attention, and sleeping. Scientific studies of the pattern have revealed that timing, intensity, wavelength, and duration of light can influence the biological clock of humans. 

The rhythm can be quickly disturbed by so many lighting things around us. Have you ever heard of those studies about how constantly using your smartphone before bed is not suitable for your sleep or health? Yeah, this is all about circadian rhythm. The cool bright white light on your face before bed is not ideal for rhythm. Interruption in this rhythm can leads to sleep disorders and health issues. 

Our bodies are more awake and alert in brighter lights; cooler lights are more relaxed and calm in warmer white. Like, the morning starts with warmer color temperature light and then increases in noon around 6500K, before lowering back to warm white before going to the dark.  

Tunable white strip LED lighting helps us stick to our natural rhythm by providing a range of lighting in both the workplace and home. During the daytime, you can use 6000K to remain productive and alert; at night, relax yourself by decreasing the CCT close to 3000K. This naturally helps you to sleep.  

Besides preventing health problems, tunable white strip LED lights can also help regain normality and healthy habits. Many schools and hospitals have started to use this lighting for classrooms or patient rooms and have seen some impressive things. 

Cool White Light

– Increases body temperature

– Increases healthy appetite

– Increases cognitive function

– Increases heart rate

Warm White Light

– Allows for better rest and healing

– Calms the body

– Lower Hormone Levels

Increased Work Productivity

Work productivity and concentration increases by using the perfect lighting for your space. Although the LED strip lights provide the ability to change light tune according to the mood or needs of the room, it does help and impact in many situations. 

Many environments have benefited from keeping people more active and alert with cooler temperatures and changing to warmer temperatures when needed to relax. Here are some places mentioned that benefit from tunable white strip lighting. 


Resident Homes

Retail Stores





Healthcare Facilities

Importance of Good Designs

For a good-looking or better environment, perfect design lights are important as structure, paint, and wood. Lights help in dull or liven locations and increase the space's ambiance. 

Tunable white strip lighting can amazingly increase the aspects of the area and the experience for everyone. In addition, the changeable CCT feature allows you to provide a better and more pleasing entrance to those who enter your space. Now the space will offer a good feeling by giving full alertness and a range of emotions. 

Turnable White LED Strip Lights

Benefits of adjusting – Control Tunable Lighting

Manual control is the simplest way to adjust the Light outputs. However, you can also have a remote control or wall-mounted panel to control the adjustment of the color of the light as well as illumination. There is nothing more specific about the control, it doesn’t copy daylight, but it allows for personal adjustments, which is good but will not every time allow you to take the benefits of the perfect light output. 

Complex control techniques are created to manipulate the rhythm of the room. This means that the setting is designed to control the structure itself. By using manual over-ride, adjustments of color temperature and light level can be controlled or pre-set on schedule. This method is needed to take full advantage.


Choosing a light is not an easy task, therefore we have covered all the necessary things regarding the turnable white light in this blog. Select the important points such as lumens, CCT, or wattage of the light as per your requirements. Only go for LED lights for better performance and lifespan.

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