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Types of Downlight Explained

led down lights
led down lights
led down lights
led down lights

Recessed downlights come in a range of designs, sizes, finishes, brightness levels, and types. It's critical to pick the proper type of downlight for your project or application.

The following are the different types of Downlights:

Fixed IP20 Downlights

Fixed downlights direct the light downward. They are the most affordable and have the tiniest diameter. They are designed to fulfill the needs of a wide range of areas, including lounges, bedrooms, and kitchens. Kitchen downlights do not need to be IP rated because they are not exposed to water. Although they can technically be used in specific bathroom areas, we recommend utilizing downlights with an IP44 grade or higher throughout, primarily to ensure that everything matches.

IP65 Bathroom Downlights

IP65 downlights are typically used in restrooms; however, they can be used practically everywhere. In addition, they have water and dust-resistant seals installed.

Adjustable (IP20)

You can guide the light differently than straight down using adjustable downlights. For example, you could want to shine the light on a cabinet or a specific object or painting. 

Adjustable downlights are more expensive, and integrated downlight camshaft-phasers require a broader cut-out. Another use for adjustable downlights is when you have a sloped ceiling. You can offset the slanting ceiling and direct the light downwards by angling the downlight.

led downlights

Outdoor (IP44)

Outdoor downlights with a GU10 socket have an IP44 rating, making them suitable for use in fascia and soffits. As long as you don't plan on power washing them, they'll be great for years to come. 

Square Downlights

Suppose you're looking for something a little unusual and want to give the room a unique feel. Square downlights add a special touch to every room.

Twin Downlights

Twin downlights have two square downlights and are rectangular in design. As a result, they can provide a more contemporary look, particularly if you're going for a square or rectangular motif.

Triple Downlights

Triple downlights have a row of three lights in a rectangular configuration, similar to twin downlights. The lights usually are adjustable, allowing you to direct each one of them to a specific region. You'll receive three lights in one fitting, which will generate additional light, in addition to the unusual shape.

Quad or 4 Way Downlights

Available in square or two-by-two configurations and rectangular in a single row of four. 

Trim Less (plaster-in)

Trimless downlights, also known as plaster-in lights, provide a cleaner, more seamless lighting effect. They are plastered in after being installed in a ceiling. 

What is a LED Spotlight?

The LED spotlight is sometimes used to denote LED recessed downlights. Although, a spotlight is a surface-mounted light fixture. LED Spotlights, like LED downlights, come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from singles to quads.
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