The packed food you consume tastes good because it goes through a myriad process before reaching your doorstep. Yes, big food processing industries have many automated machines, which chop, segregate and pack the food.

To run these machines, one doesn’t need only skills but also the invincible lighting arrangement. Heavy wash down, steam, grease are common in food units. Things proceed without any interruption, sustaining this view, the entrepreneur installs heavy lights. These lights have to deliver efficiency and lighting quality in a wet environment.  

Entrepreneurs expect lights should be environment- friendly as well as they must be capable to withstand years of corrosion. Not to mention, besides LED TUBES and CORN BULBS, gigantic UFO HIGH BAY LED LIGHTS also plays a pivotal role. Intelligent food entrepreneurs install heavy UFO bay lights which are capable to catch every minuscule flaw.

How these superior High Bay Lights are beneficial?

  • These disc-shaped lights are installed at a specific height so that their uniform light illuminate the space properly.
  • These lights die-cast aluminum body facilitates good resistance against heat, dust, and humidity.
  • Installing bay lights isn’t tedious for light engineers it is purely cakewalk.
  • Whether it is cold storage or logistics halls or car parks, glare-free lights not only saves cost but also keep things hassle-free.  
  • Its long lifespan helps teams work without any disruption and hindrance
  • Whether you are renovating the existing place or creating a new one these stylish lights definitely benefit the business.   

Which of the food processing units can install UFO High Bay Lights?   

If one runs beverages unit or, deals in frozen food or own dairies or runs meat processing unit, high bay lights are perfect for all such businesses.

How these bay lights are better than conventional Halide lights?

There are many features that make bay lights the most sought after. Like its good color temperature, this light can be easily mounted besides this, 120- degree beam angle helps in uniform interspersing of light


High Bay Lights come in myriad configurations like 100 watts, 150 watts, 240 watts, and 200 watts. And that’s not all, the glow of lights can be easily dimmed. These big LED lights are perfect to illuminate godowns, workshops and industries. If you run any of these, you can collect more information about them from www.ledmyplace.com

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