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UFO LED High Bay Fixtures Make Gyms Alluring

led gyms Lights
led gyms Lights
led gyms Lights
led gyms Lights

Just imagine, beautiful cars in vivid colors coming out of the factory. We all know, these cars’ next abode is resplendent showrooms, where they appear more scintillating under gigantic UFO LED High Bay lights.

You must have seen high bays in the gyms, I am sure, you never thought of how they add shine to vehicles displayed behind transparent glass walls. UFO lights’ glow depends on its superior technical features viz.

Up-light Option-With installation of acrylic dome, 7% of the light is redirected upwards facilitating warm inviting environment and no dark ceilings.

Motion Sensor -Available with motion sensor for on and off or bio level dimming.

Installing Options- Pole, ceiling and wall mount

Versatile Use - The round LED fixture design allows for great usage in warehouses, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities and gym.

Energy Savings - Up to 75% energy savings over metal halide, high pressure sodium, and mercury vapor UFO high bay bulbs.

Instant On / Off - Turns on and off instantly, making the UFO LED light fixtures perfect for motion sensors.

Ultra Efficient - LED UFO high bay light offers 140 lumen which guarantees energy savings.

Solid Construction - Aluminum housing with epoxy coating and a tough tempered glass lens.

Eliminate Maintenance Costs - With a 50,000+ (L70)+hour rated life, this means you will not be changing bulbs and ballasts for 12 years.

What makes LED HIGH BAY LIGHTS stand out?

These lights can be easily mounted. One doesn’t cumbersome cranes to mount these lights.

165 watts LED HIGH BAY LIGHTS are as good as 400 watts halite lights, which means LED saves more than 180 watts.        

Its 110 -degree beam angle makes things conspicuous in short light doesn’t scatter but falls on the product.

These lights are IP65 rated, that means their beams will not get distorted because of moisture, dust or cobwebs

These lights come with UL and DLC certificate, which also means warehouse managers can easily bank upon these lights.


If you have just owned a car showroom and looking for good consultation regarding High Bay Lights, then you can talk to our customer care executive for prudent suggestions. In case you want to replace simple light bulbs with LED UFO, then also you can talk to our executives to know about exact lumen, wattage and placement of lights.  

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