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Understanding The Facts About LED Pole Lights

LED parking lot lights
LED parking lot lights
LED parking lot lights
LED parking lot lights

We all are somewhere aware of the benefits of LED pole lights. They disperse even lights from certain angles and heights. This is because they are helping in creating a safer environment during the nights. Places such as streets, alleys, stadiums, gardens, parks, etcetera require LED pole lights to evict blindspots. These lights are supposedly appropriate for a day-like light dispersion with 5000K to 6000K color temperature. Furthermore, LED parking lot lights are offering a helping hand in creating a safe and alert environment in broad parking spaces where the chances of accidents are comparatively higher. Not just that, LED pole lights are suitable for almost every location to make everything visible. But, before investing your money in LED pole lights, you must understand the keen requirements of your desired locations.

Factors influencing Pole light requirements

First of all, LED pole lights are supposed to disperse light evenly from certain angles. For instance, if your pole is too short or tall, it won’t serve the purpose. Instead, it will only create chaos and be useless for the location. So, make sure to opt for the appropriate pole length that will evenly illuminate the surface.

Secondly, the dimensions of the area are supposed to be evaluated prior to installing the poles and LED pole light heads. This is because what if, the light head that you opt for contains less or more wattage than what the area actually requires? In both scenarios, measuring the area prior is a must so that you can evaluate the ideal requirement of your LED pole lights. In addition, doing so will help you to avoid blindspots and any other issues.

Lastly, budget is the most provoking point in this context. Considering the fact that good things sure do cost much than cheaper alternatives, LED parking lot lights are comparatively costlier indeed. But, if you are looking for something that is worth the money and will serve its purpose efficiently, then the budget should not be a  constraining factor. 

pole lights

Prime location for LED pole lights

  • Streets - What could possibly be the first spot that comes to our mind when we think about the placement of LED pole lights. Streets are supposedly the major locations where LED pole lights are used. 
  • Parking lots - As important as it sounds, LED pole lights are required in parking lots to avoid recklessness and accidents. A blacked-out parking lot can call for some serious havoc. So, to avoid any contingencies, LED parking lot lights are highly required in parking spaces.
  • Stadiums - To not let the dark cause interference during the sports, LED pole light heads plays a vital role as they are designed to disperse light at a required CCT to deliver a day-like light. 
  • Parks - To make sure that people feel safe in open places such as parks, LED pole lights are a must. They are essential, especially for children and older people who need even lights to avoid mishaps.
  • Alleys - To create a sense of safe environment where people can find relief when stepping outside of the house at night, LED pole lights are necessary. Locations like alleys require some efficient LED pole light heads that can illuminate the dark narrowed places to promote safety.

  • An estimate of area’s dimension and wattage requirement of LED pole light

    How many watts does a street light use

    If you are concerned about your money’s worth, you must understand the gravity of the situation regarding LED pole light placement. This is because suitable lighting must follow certain aspects, such as the dimension of the area where the light is supposedly going to be placed and the wattage requirement of the LED pole light there.

    However, you can consider some basic estimations to get a fair idea about LED pole light heads and pole length. For instance, a 10-15 Watt LED pole light head is sufficient for a 2 to 4-meter pole. Similarly, a 20-40 Watt LED light is adequate for 8 to 10-meter wide road applications in about a 7-meter pole. Moving forward, as the dimensions ofthe area increase, the wattage requirement increases too. 

    Simultaneously, more expansive areas such as parking lots and stadiums require a 10-12 meter tall pole with LED pole light heads ranging beyond 120 Watts for appropriate illumination. Therefore, you can focus on the area dimension before spending your money on LED pole lights.

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