Different Puck Lights For Different Places

LED Puck lights

Human brain is an enigma. Who would have thought technology will make impossible things possible. Like you will be able to mount lights below a wooden cabinet. Fortunately, this dream has become true. Presently puck lights are part of wooden and iron cabinet.  

Variety of Puck Lights

We all are different, so are our choices. Keeping people’s liking in mind, fantastic lights are divided into four categories-Square Brushed Nickel, Surface Mount, Super Bright, and Brushed Nickel 

LED Puck lights

Round Brushed Nickel- Fantastic lights are an apt addition to your workspace, cabinets, and closet. This lighting fixture has a solid Nickel frame, which also manifests quality craftsmanship. 

Surface Mount-This fixture uses high-quality metal with a brushed steel finish. Highly efficient, surface mount lights easily survive for more than 30000 hours. 

Magnetic Puck Lights- If you adore sleek and slim puck lights, then magnetic puck lights are for you. Yes, its 7mm thickness not only makes it super easy to install but also enhances its looks.  

Square Brushed Nickel- This Puck Light gives bright, warm and, long-lasting light while using a small amount of energy. Square Brushed Nickel is suitable for kitchen cabinets.

Super Bright- Sleek and smart puck light spreads bright and long-lasting white light. This lighting fixture is suitable for showcases and kitchen cabinets. 

LED Puck Lights

Special Features 

  • Remote Control: Some under cabinet lights are operated by remote. 
  • Dimmer: When one install dimmer, then it becomes quite easy to brighten lights for meal preparation. 


Lights are not used to illuminate the place, they are actually a concept. No matter which lights you pick, you must be sure about the fixture and the place where you are going to install puck lights. If you are deconstructing your kitchen or office, you can mount these lights for better results. Here we would like to make it clear, kitchen islands need designer mini pendant lights, whereas under cabinet lights are best for cabinets and draw. For more information about Under Cabinet Lights visit our website: www.ledmyplace.com
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