Walkways And Parking Zones Are Safe With LED Pole lights

Walkways And Parking Zones Are Safe With LED Pole lights

LED Pole Lights appear simple, but the truth is, there is certain uniqueness in these fixtures. You can’t think of safe roads and bridges without Pole Lights. 

Endless serpentine roads, marvellous bridges and dedicated parking zones are incomplete without LED pole lights. Just think of a robust bridge made of tonnes of iron and concrete. In the daytime, this ergonomically designed bridge does not need a pole light. In the evening time, when the sun is about to visit its abode, you surely feel the need of pole lights. Not to mention, these lights not only illuminate the path but also enhances the looks of buildings and monuments.

Many of you think these commercial lights are like vanilla, just simple, without much scope for design. The reality is, LED Shoebox lights are available in myriad shapes. Some of them transport you to the Victorian era, old good times when the cart was pulled by mighty horses.               

Where you can put these LED Pole lights.

You can install these exquisite shoebox lights in different places. 

Parks & Gardens: Generally parks and gardens are the places surrounded by mellifluous flowers, manicured twigs, shady trees, green lush grass and iron and stone benches. Not many people notice, state-of-the-art pole lights also impart beauty to these gardens. When these lights are installed in the park, they make it safe from thugs and thieves.

Roads: In the daytime, you do not need these lights, but at night you surely need lights so that you do not trip or bump into a tree.

Sea beach & riverbank :  

Have you ever gone near the sea beach during the night? What illuminates sand? LED commercial lights, isn’t it? These pole lights not only make maneuvering easy, but they also save you from unscrupulous elements. 

Inimitable Features 

150-watts die-cast housing makes pole light’s heat resistant.  LED lights do not emit much of the heat, whatever heat generates, it dissipates, thanks to the aluminium housing.

When you mount pole lights, you do not have to go through the whole rigmarole of cutting and drilling.

Pole lights are IP-65 rated, that means they can easily resist climate change. 

LED pole lights are available in three different temperatures like 3000K, 4000K and 5700K.

When you pick these fixtures, you don’t have to worry about on and off function. Dusk to dawn sensors attached with pole light ensures it automatically switch on at night.  


LED Pole Lights are an integral part of modern infrastructure. We cannot think of parks, stadiums, and parking lots without these lights. If you want more information about LED pole lights, then visit LEDMyplace
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