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What All We Should Know About Led Pole Lights?

What All We Should Know About Led Pole Lights?
What All We Should Know About Led Pole Lights?
What All We Should Know About Led Pole Lights?
What All We Should Know About Led Pole Lights?

LED Pole lights, an energy-efficient alternatives, to metal halide areas and street lights. The LED Pole Lights offers a wide range of applications throughout spaces. As it has high intensity, it provides safety and security to the vast area. The most suitable applications for installing these LED Pole Lights are streets, parking lots, building entrances, gardens, pathways, hotel walkways, among other outdoor spaces.

LED Pole Lights are also known as street lights, shoebox lights, and area lights. It saves hefty money on the utility bill as it consumes low energy compared to the conventional fixtures. It is known to be long-lasting as it can last for more than 50,000 hours. They are made up of sturdy materials, which makes them durable, and are available in different wattages ranging from 55W to 300W with a colour temperature ranging from 3000K to 5700K.

Various types of LED outdoor lightings:

led outdoor lights

  1.     LED Pole Lights
  2.     LED Dusk to Dawn Light with photocell
  3.     LED Post Top Light
  4.     LED Corn Bulbs

You can opt for the colour of the LED Pole Lights as per your choice as there are numerous options such as Bronze, gray, Black, Silver, and White. Yoke Mounting, Adjustable Mounting, and Direct Mounting are the types of mounting. You can choose any among it, as per the mounting pole.

What is Photocell and Motion Sensors?

It is an electronic device used for managing indoor or outdoor lighting. Photocell or Motion Sensors improve the home's security and safety by automatically turning on the lights without any human intervention when it gets dark or the time they detect any motion. They also save energy by turning off itself when extra lighting is not required.

What is the function of the photocell in LED Dusk to Dawn lights?

The photocell's common usage is to turn on the exterior lights during sunset and turn them off during dawn. By sensing the ambient light level, the photocell automatically adjusts itself according to the changes in the day/night cycle and remains unaffected by daylight-saving time.



  • LED pole lights provide safety by illuminating the huge bare spaces crowded with the parked vehicles during the peak hour. The usage of LED parking lot lights will shine the area better and brighter than conventional lighting and reduce the risks of injuries and accidents. Uniform emission of light will make sure for safety all the time.
  • LED lights are a paramount solution as they have a longer life-span. LED parking lot lights last for nearly 50,000 hours. The longer life-span of these LED yard lights brings down the overall expense of maintenance and allows the users to save an extensive amount of money in the long run. LEDs make sure for functional and longer life by providing a better, brighter, and uniform light emission to illuminate the whole space. Hence, LEDs are considered to be the best lighting.
  • LEDs convert the electricity into light and limit the wastage of energy, so known to be the most energy-efficient, so the electrical appliances backed by LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting solution available in the market.

LED Pole lights are also known for bringing down the consumption of energy by up to 80%. LED pole lights offered by LEDMyplace meet the IP ratings of industry-standard.

So, choose the right LED Parking lot light and enhance the usability, functionality, and performance of the outdoor LED pole light installations. 

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