What do you need to know about LED parking lot lights?

What do you need to know about LED parking lot lights


Illuminating the parking lot is quite a tricky task to ask for as it is a comprehensive area that needs proper lighting from all angles. LED parking lot lights are the ultimate solution for illuminating the premise as they promote better visibility, excellent performance, and other efficient benefits. 

The prime requirement of the parking premise is a well-coordinated lighting structure that lets the visitors and moving vehicles focus on the path and avoid bumping and accidents. LED pole light, LED flood light., LED corn bulbs, LED post top lights, LED wall pack lights, etcetera are some popular LED lights that are considered to be apt for illuminating the parking premises. Traditionally, parking lot lights were specified for illumination purposes only. But, as of now, they have evolved with better features that make them both efficient and effective.

A general comparison between traditional parking lot lights and LED parking lot lights will help you understand why LED lights are considered suitable for both the parking premises and the environment.

Comparison between traditional and LED parking lot lights


Traditional Parking Lot Lights

LED Parking Lot Lights

Heat Emission

Traditional parking lot lights consume excessive energy. This result in too much heat emission. This can be hazardous to the environment.

The heat emission rate in LED lights is comparatively lower than in traditional ones. They consume less energy and offer great performance.


Traditional lights didn’t have a wide reach which is why more lights were required to illuminate the premise.

LED parking lot lighting fixtures are eligible for wide beam angle illumination without requiring additional fixtures.


Fixture failure, overpowering, filament discharge, etcetera were some common issues with traditional parking lot lights. This resulted in a high maintenance cost and uncertain fixture change.

LED parking lot lightings are available with a longer lifespan. They don’t consume much energy and have a lower maintenance cost.

Advantages of LED parking lot lights

  • Energy-efficient - LED parking lot lighting fixtures don’t consume excessive amounts of energy. In fact, they are eligible for sufficient wattage replacement to conventional lights.
  • Better lighting effect - LED lights for the parking premises are beneficial for creating a better lighting atmosphere. They have a higher CRI rate which leads to better visibility during the nighttime.
  • Easy to manage - One of the best things about LED parking lot lighting fixtures is that theta re easy to manage. Their evolved features like dimmable, CTT tunable, dusk to dawn, etcetera allow you to manage them without hustling.
  • Cost-efficient - Since LED parking lot lights don’t require fixture change every now and then, they are most likely to be a cost-efficient lighting option for the parking lots. They have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. Plus, you don’t require too many lights to illuminate the parking premise.
  • Promotes safety - LED light comes with an excellent reach. This makes them suitable for the parking premises. Lights like LED pole lights, LED flood lights, LED wall pack lights, etcetera are considered to be best from a security perspective as their illumination eliminates the risk of thefts, accidents, mugging, snatching, and other uncertainties.

Traits that promote the performance of LED parking lot lights!

  • Illuminance - It is an area-based measurement that is used to estimate the requirement of light per unit area that illuminates a surface. The usual luminous flux for parking lot lights is 54-55 lux.
  • CRI - CRI stands for Color Rendering Index, which allows the lights to reflect on objects in order to make them appear in their true shades. LED lights like LED pole lights, LED flood lights, LED wall pack lights, etcetera with above 70-80 CRI rates are considered suitable for the parking premises.
  • CCT - CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature, which indicates the lighting effect of the LED lights. Lights that lie from 3500k to beyond 5000k color temperature are considered to be apt parking lot lights.
  • Illumination effect - An appropriate LED parking lot lighting fixture should neither be too dim nor too glaring. A moderate lighting effect can help the visitors to see the premise clearly without struggling to focus.
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions - Since LED parking lot lights are outdoor lighting fixtures, being resistant to harsh weather conditions should be one of their main traits. LED pole lights, LED flood lights, LED wall pack lights, and other parking lot lights are suitable for the outdoors as they are resistant to extreme dust, wind, rain, and other harsh environmental changes.

What makes LED parking lot lights a preferable choice?

parking lot lights

LED lights are considered to be one of the apt choices for the parking premises. They possess several traits which make them a preferred choice.

  • LED lights for the parking lots are considered a preferable option because they have efficient lighting performance and are environmentally friendly.
  • LED lighting fixtures do not emit heat in an excessive amount. In fact, they have a lower heat dissipation rate.
  • Unlike conventional lights, LED lights do not emit mercury, carbon, and other hazardous compounds to the environment.
  • Since the lighting requirement for parking lots cannot be fulfilled by fewer fixtures, you need LED lights that are cost and energy efficient.
  • LED parking lot lighting has upgraded to some exquisite features like motion sensors, photocell, dimmers, tunable CCT, etcetera.

The bottom line:

The bottom line for LED parking lot lighting can be concluded that parking lots are comprehensive locations that, of course, require many lighting fixtures. While looking for the perfect lights for your parking premise, you should take care of the features your lights possess. The lights should not just be restricted to illumination performance only. In fact, they must come with some additional features too. These features should promote both performance and efficiency. LED parking lot lights like LED pole lights , LED flood lights, LED wall pack lights, etcetera are supposedly ideal for parking premises and improving visibility there. Furthermore, the several benefits and traits that LED lights possess make them suitable for parking lots and for other comprehensive locations, whether we talk about indoors or outdoors.

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