What Type Of Lighting Is Right For Hospitals?

What Type Of Lighting Is Right For Hospitals?

Lighting plays a very important role in the hospital premises. Bad lighting can actually affect many patients’ life. The right lighting can not only provide bright lighting output, but it must also offer quality lighting distribution for very fine work such as operations, transplantation, choose the medication alike.

LEDMyplace offers the list of energy-efficient LED lighting appliances for the hospital to getting an ideal lighting output for space which comes with the many benefits such as low-cost energy bills.

In this article, we’ll tell you about some lighting fixture and their benefits and why do you need to replace your current lighting solution with the LED indoor lighting fixtures.

Ceiling Lights

Most of the hospitals have moved to LED lighting to innovate the space with unique and clear lighting output. LED Troffers come with the variety of color temperature which illuminates the space with different types of white tints. This fixture is available at two sizes such as 2x2 and 2x4 LED Troffers, both of the fixtures offer Dimming feature which helps you trim the lighting cost.

LED Troffers

With this lighting fixture, you can lighten up space at low energy consumption. This fixture requires low maintenance and will have your back for 5 to 6 years. This fixture comes with the effortless installation which means you don’t need to spend dollars to mount this fixture, you can do it by yourself.

Grid Lighting

This lighting fixture is the energy-efficient substitute of a fluorescent tube. LED Panels are the excellent combo of high lumen efficiency and low wattage consumption. You can install this fixture to the general ward, walkways, canteen, OPD alike. It emits the uniform lighting to indoor space.

LED Panels

This fixture comes with the 50,000 hours of lifespan which requires low-cost maintenance which is 3 times more than any fluorescent lights.

Integrated Tube

LED Integrated Tubes are quite different from LED Tubes. With an ultra wide beam angle of 180°, it emits wider space than any other tube. It provides the high-intensity of lighting output up to 90lm/W.

LED Integrated Tubes

You can install this to the damp locations as well, this fixture would not get affected by the water presence. An IP44 rated fixture can protect itself from water and dust. Unlike fluorescent light, this integrated tube would not get heat-up after operating for long hours. It has been manufactured with the thermal heat sink which keeps the fixture cool and increases its durability.

Exit Light

Every hospital and other commercial space must install  LED Exit Sign/Emergency Lights for any panic situations. These UL certified lights consume less energy and operate more than 30,000 hours. It has been installed at the entrance of the exit gates or staircases.

LED Exit Sign/Emergency Lights


LEDMyplace is proud to tell you that we have many hospitals to find their ideal lighting solution a per their requirements. Apart from the mentioned lighting fixtures, we have a wide range of LED Lighting appliances which would be more better for your space. If you want to grab an of then including mentioned ones, comment down below your requirements. Our customer care executive would get in touch with you for further process.

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